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3 Hoboken Couples Share Their Waterfront Proposal Stories

by Briana
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We get many, many proposal stories sent to us, and quite frankly — we just love them all. The three below are no exception, and while all couples got engaged on the waterfront, each have a unique story. Meet Daniella + Bill, Holly + Dan, and Ashley + Jeff, who are sharing all about their special days with us:

Daniella and Bill

daniella bill waterfront proposal hoboken

Patty shared this story with us about her brother in law, Bill’s proposal day and wanted to surprise them with a proposal feature on Hoboken Girl! Surprise Danielle + Bill :)

“They got engaged on January 21, 2018. It was a beautiful day…I think
it was around 70 degrees. My brother-in-law, Bill, asked me and my
husband to hide at Pier C Park, and he was going to walk there with
Daniella and surprise her.

We did hide, and intended to catch it all on video and photo BUT when
he showed up, the end of the pier where he was going to propose had a
big group taking photos. So he had to improvise and propose in a
different spot, so we didn’t have time to make it down there to get
any of it on camera. I felt so terrible that we missed it!

BUT, guess what happened??? A guy and his wife were hanging out on the
pier taking pictures of the skyline with their new camera. He turned
around, saw the proposal happening, and managed to take a photo of
Bill on one knee! It was amazing.

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We met friends and family for brunch afterward at Halifax to
celebrate. Such a beautiful day!” – Patty

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Holly and Dan

holly dan hoboken proposal

“We got engaged in November on Pier 13. My, now husband, Dan went to great lengths to plan the perfect proposal including our fur baby, Thor. Dan told me that we were going to brunch with our friends we met at the dog park, Erin & Marc. He thought this would make me dress up nicely, so I wouldn’t hate the outfit I wore on the day we got engaged. It was a Sunday and there was a Giants game, so despite his attempts, I put on an old Giants T-shirt and wore the weirdest outfit for our engagement.

We had an accepted offer on our house in Summit, so I had started to shop around at Home Depot & other places for our new house that morning. As usual, I got distracted and was running late to our brunch, so I texted my friend Erin and decided to reschedule. My husband was freaking out because he had no idea how to get me home in time to get things rolling. He had arranged to have all our family and friends waiting at the Pilsner Haus & Biergarten after the proposal. I called my dad, who was already at the Biergarten and asked him what kind of drill I needed for our new house. He kept trying to get me to go home to our apartment.

Finally, I went home and my husband said he had Thor at the dog park and he was doing something hilarious, and that I should come. I came up with all kinds of excuses as to why I wouldn’t go, these are the pictures of my husband with the phone. Somehow he got me to go there and had a photographer follow me. He told me to read our dog’s T-shirt and got down on one knee. As soon as I said yes, he told me to turn around and I found out there was a photographer following us and taking pictures. I love pictures, so this was so special for me to have the photos.” – Holly

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Ashley and Jeff 

ashley jeff hoboken proposal

Photo credit: Murphy Studio

“I planned a date night for the two of us and asked Ashley to take a walk by pier C first.  A snow storm was rolling in so I kept changing the departure time which may have gave it away a bit..I also purchased the largest umbrella possible because I was not letting mother nature get in the way of this! We took an Uber down to the pier (it was too cold to walk) and I was so nervous that I didn’t get to the spot I picked out with the photographer and was worried about the weather – so I told Ashley I loved her and asked her to marry me before the storm hit town!
 I had the hidden photographer bring champagne and roses for Ashley so we could begin the celebration right away. We just beat the snow storm and had some friends from out of town awaiting a celebration dinner at Dino & Harry’s for a fantastic day/night of celebrating this exciting next chapter in our lives..” – Jeff
Congrats to all of the happy, Hoboken couples! Xo 
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