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Local Couples Getting Engaged Around the World

by Hoboken Girl Team
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While Hoboken Girl usually features proposal stories of couples who got engaged IN and around the Mile Square, we thought it would be cool to switch up the scenery. Below we have four adorable proposal stories from local Hoboken + Jersey City couples who got engaged around the world — from Florida to Paris and beyond, we’ve got all the deets {+ pics} on these super cute proposals:

Amanda + Matt

amanda matt proposal hoboken girl

Matt and I met 2.5 years ago in NYC at the club, Marquee. We met around 1 am, we just crossed paths by chance, and danced the entire night. The very next day, we went on our first date which was at the Pilsener Haus & Biergarten in Hoboken. We started dating right away and have been inseparable ever since.

In terms of the proposal, we had the trip to the Amalfi Coast planned, but he for sure was throwing me off big time, months before the trip. If I would ever hint about getting engaged in the most beautiful Positano, he would shut me down. When we arrived in Italy, we had planned to have dinner in Positano the second day of our trip, which is where he ended up popping the question! I remember he was carrying his suit jacket in 90-degree weather, and little did I know, he was hiding the ring in that pocket, so that I would not notice it.

We walked down the hill to the beach in Positano to the iconic spot with all of the colorful beach chairs and umbrellas. I was bugging Matt to take a photo of just me (LOL) in the iconic spot, but he was waiting for the perfect moment when the sun was just behind the mountain, to get that perfect shot. He set up his camera and phone to record video, on top of a champagne bucket that he put on top of a beach chair (how creative)! I did not think this was that strange, because we always use the self-timer to take the perfect photo of each other on vacations. He also had a rubber band wrapped around the button on his camera to continually take photos of the big moment. He finally steps over to take a photo with me and the video shows our true, raw reaction. I thought we were simply taking a photo, and he all of a sudden pulls out a ring box and gets down on one knee! I could not believe my eyes and completely freaked when I saw the ring was exactly what I had always dreamed of, from my favorite designer, Lauren B.

I couldn’t be more excited to be spending the rest of my life with Matt, the man of my dreams and the one who deserves all of the credit for this amazing video. We have both been on Cloud 9 ever since the engagement, and our puppy @baxter_the_woofster is pretty excited too! We do not have many wedding plans set yet, but we do know that we would like to have a summer wedding somewhere close to the beach, as we both share a love for sunny weather and the water.

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Nicole + Mike

nicole mike proposal hoboken girl

Mike and I met at work and we’re friends for a few years before we started dating. Mike didn’t want any big party for his 30th so I decided to plan the trip to Europe instead. I’m an obsessive planner so leading up to the trip I was super focused on what we were going to do while there (apparently enough so to miss any signs as to what was going on!). So when we arrived in Paris on June 15th after an overnight flight I just thought anything strange that was happening was due to lack of sleep and excitement about the trip. Mike made us go to a bank SO far from our hotel, insisted we bring jackets even though it was 78 and sunny and was determined to have lunch and get a picture by the Eiffel Tower. All within about five hours of landing. But I was just happy to be in Paris and didn’t give any of these things a second thought.

Zap Fitness

Shortly after trying to find a perfect photo spot, Mike asked a French lady with her daughter if she could take a picture of us and he instructed her to just ‘hold down the button it will take a lot’. Still I had no idea what was going to happen cause as he’s messing with the zipper on his jacket pocket (why we had to bring jackets!) I’m looking at him like what is going on, what are you doing?!

Once he got down on one knee my head cleared out of the sleep deprived and lunch wine fog I was in and the OH MY GOD moment set in. The whole memory seems like such a blur so we’re both forever thankful to the amazing French woman who took over 100 pictures!!! Couldn’t have gotten any luckier!

Briana {of the HG team!} + Mike

briana mike proposal hoboken

Mike and I are Hoboken natives that began dating in middle school {shoutout to Brandt!} and have been together ever since. About every other year, my family and I vacation in Disney World {one of my absolute favorite places in the world} and stay at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort, which is basically like our second home. This June, 8 of us traveled to Orlando for, which I would soon discover, would be the best vacation ever.

About 2 days into vacation, the day before Mike proposed, he took my dad to the Kennedy Space Center {my dad’s favorite place ever} which was about an hour away from where we were staying. It was just the two of them going because Mike wanted to ask my dad for my hand in marriage. I, of course, had no idea that was the reason and enjoyed a relaxing day at the pool with the rest of my family. The next day, on June 30th, Mike and I had plans to go out to dinner, just the 2 of us, at one of my favorite restaurants in Orlando, Homecomin’ Kitchen at Disney Springs, and it was just a typical date night for us. After dinner, Mike was super persistent that we walk along the lake at our resort, so we headed back to do so.

On our walk, we approached a cute little bridge where Mike suggested taking a selfie, and after we took it he said he had to talk to me and grabbed both my hands. At that point, I figured out what was happening and was freaking out and kept asking him what he was doing! After some very sweet words, Mike got down on one knee and opened the ring box {with my dream ring inside that he designed himself!} and asked me to marry him. I was in shock and immediately said yes. We were laughing, crying, and both just so excited. Shortly after Mike proposed we headed upstairs to where my family was. My father and brother-in-law were already in on the secret, so we surprised my mom, sister, and nephews. My mom and sister literally screamed and we were all jumping around with excitement. We popped champagne, Facetimed Mike’s family, and continued to celebrate. It was so important to me that my family was there whenever Mike proposed and he knew that and made it happen.

The next morning, we headed to Magic Kingdom where I grabbed my bridal Mickey ears, happily ever after pin, and “just engaged” Mickey and Minnie Alex & Ani bracelet — and I was in heaven, ha! The amount of “congratulations” {and free baked goods – lol) we got from Disney cast members, strangers, etc. was simply amazing. Celebrating our engagement in Disney was everything I ever imagined and more.

What I love most about our proposal is that it was us, and exactly how I’d imagine it to be. We went out to a casual place for dinner where I ate my favorite fried chicken, made stupid jokes the entire way back to the resort, and were even giggling with each other as Mike was proposing. There was nothing “fancy” about the proposal — and I say that in the sense that there was no fancy dinner, there wasn’t a photographer hidden in bushes or a crowd of people clapping for us — it was just the two of us, it completely matched our relationship and personalities, and it was absolutely perfect.

Kerry + Brian

kerry brian proposal hoboken girl

Brian and I had our vacation to Ireland planned for almost a year and I completely had no clue that he was planning to propose almost the entire time. In the months leading up to us going away in June 2018 he had gone ring shopping with my mom, sister, best friend, and his mom to make sure that it was what I wanted. I was completely oblivious to it even when my best friend was asking endless questions about engagement rings.

We flew into Dublin and were planning on staying there for 3 nights before my family in Ireland were coming to pick us up and take us to the west coast. When we checked into the hotel (before the proposal!) I didn’t understand why there was champagne and flowers in the room. Turns out Brian had told the (super sweet) front desk girl that he was planning on proposing but she thought he meant that he had already proposed so she set the room up. He quickly ran down with the flowers and champagne and told me that they must have had the wrong room.

The actual proposal happened on the second night after we had spent the day around Dublin (visiting the Jameson Distillery and Irish Whiskey Museum, among other places). Brian said that he wanted to plan the entire day himself since I’m known to want to take control of planning entire vacations lol. We got dressed up and went to dinner in Dublin and then he said that he wanted to go to a special bar in the center of the city. We walked to the Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin and he asked a random person to take his Go Pro. He proposed while playing Marry You by Bruce Springsteen from his Bluetooth speaker. He also bought a lock and engraved ‘marry me’ to lock onto the bridge. 

Afterward, we went to a gorgeous rooftop bar and when we returned to the hotel, the flowers and champagne were back again! We spent the rest of the trip visiting the west coast (Kerry, Galway, Roscommon) and I had a great moment visiting the Ring of Kerry with a ring on Kerry!

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Congrats to all the happy couples, and thanks for sharing your special moment with HG! <3

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