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    Game show fans will appreciate {and envy} this Hoboken resident’s determination to get on his favorite show. Brian Davis, after three years of auditions, is FINALLY making his dream a reality and was chosen to be on Wheel of Fortune. We came across Brian on Instagram when he tagged us in a photo sharing his excitement in getting on the show, so of course we had to chat with him personally. Read on to learn more about Brian and his journey to Wheel of Fortune with a little Q+A {plus, peep his hilarious audition tapes, below}:

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    About Brian

    Brian has lived in Hoboken for three years and works as an accountant at a pharmaceutical company. Since 2015, he has been auditioning for Wheel of Fortune and on his last attempt {which almost didn’t even happen} he landed a spot on the show. Brian has some pretty close-knit friends that helped him create audition tapes {and starred in them, too} and helped him study and practice for his auditions. Three years and three auditions later, Brian is heading to the Wheel of Fortune where he plans to represent the city of Hoboken.

    His Inspiration in Auditioning

    In 2015, Brian and his roommate were at McSwiggans in Hoboken for all-you-can-eat wing night and Wheel of Fortune happened to be on TV at the bar. Brian told his roommate that if he was ever on the show, he’d win — and they were inspired to make an audition tape {see all of them below}:

    2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9BZ9KFkdNY
    2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ch75_lIPdE
    2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45dtutonSF0

    The Three-Year Process to Get on the Show

    Brian submitted his first audition tape to Wheel of Fortune in 2015 and was accepted to an audition. He headed to New York City for his audition where he was in a room with 75 people playing on one large simulated board. Although he was feeling intimidated and not so confident, he was able to solve the puzzle and walked away with a signed Vanna White picture. Unfortunately, he was not selected for the show at that time.

    The day came and I saw that my competition was 60-year-old men and women so I thought I had an easy road to Los Angeles. With 75 people in the room playing on one large simulated board, I realized these old women were ruthless. I will never forget the elderly woman next to me telling me she waited her whole life for this. As she was called up, she answered the category correctly and stared me down. Her intimidation tactics were real. I was shook.

    In 2016, he again decided to submit a second tape and went to the audition in Brooklyn but unfortunately, did not make the cut for a second time. In 2017, Brian made yet another audition tape and decided to try his luck for a third time. He landed another audition but was unable to attend due to a vacation he already had planned. He pleaded to the contestant department of Wheel of Fortune and asked if there was another time and place he could audition and they agreed to let him audition in Washington DC on August 15th, 2018 — now that’s what you call perseverance. 

    Just a couple of weeks ago, on September 3rd, Brian received his acceptance letter to be on the Wheel of Fortune in the mail. He does not currently have any details on when he will be on the show, but told us that he will share the information when he gets it. Brian will be bringing his brother Greg, sister Stef, friend Sami, and parents along to the show; he shared that he literally had over 40 people ask if they could join him — quite the hot commodity.

    Support from Friends and Family

    Brian told with us that his friends have been a tremendous support system during his journey, even allowing him to quiz them constantly. Once the show airs, Brian’s friends and family will be throwing “watch parties” all over the country. His aunt will be throwing one in Maryland, and friends in San Diego, Oklahoma City, Chicago, and Pennsylvania will be celebrating the debut as well — talk about a support system! Brian also plans to have a watch party in Hoboken and has already been contacted by four bars that want to host it; stay tuned to see which spot Brian chooses so you can help celebrate.

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    Of course we had to ask about some of Brian’s Hoboken + Jersey City favorites:

    Favorite place to eat in Hoboken or Jersey City?

    I am a huge fan of Cluck U. I hope to one day be on the Wall of Flame!

    Favorite place to shop in Hoboken or Jersey City?

    I support all local businesses in Hoboken since this is what makes our city so great. I find myself in Fleet Feet, Raf’s Deli, and Oran Boutique when I need to buy something. I also have spent a lot of time at Mile Square Physical Therapy for my bad shoulder. It’s the best physical therapy place I have ever been to.

    Favorite workout spot in the area?

    I worked out at NYSC on Newark Street for years, but since my new job has a beautiful gym, I work out here now.

    Favorite spot to hang out with friends in the area?

    You can find my friends and I at the Madison, McSwiggans, Mad Hatter, or the obvious spot for Penn Staters…Pourhouse! I also play ball down on 4th and Willow at Church Street Park or just relax on Pier A.

    What do you love most about Hoboken?

    How can you not love a city where the people around you are the same age and have the same mindset about work/life balance? I can walk into Mulligans and cheer for Brazil during the World Cup, eat $5 all-you-can eat wings at McSwiggans, play dominoes at Maggie’s Place or dance the night away at The Madison on different days of the week. There is always something going on in Hoboken, but you are not overwhelmed by all the congestion like in New York City. Also, Frank Sinatra, Jr. is my guy so I pay my respects to him every morning.

    But the one thing I love most about Hoboken, New Jersey is the people. The people of Hoboken have supported me on my mission to become the greatest Wheel of Fortune contestant to ever grace Washington Street and I am forever thankful! Two friends of mine, Leah Keller and Lindsay Duff, who currently live in Hoboken, NJ have been on the Wheel of Fortune and have done well. I worked too hard to get here and don’t plan on losing now. I wake up every morning scared. I wake up scared that those in Hoboken who played the Wheel of Fortune before me will say that I didn’t give it my all, that I wasn’t ready to be a champion. They passed the torch to me as a champion and made it my responsibility to make it and keep the championship in Hoboken. I don’t plan on losing now! This opportunity is not just a time for Brian Davis to win some money, this opportunity is God’s Plan. I am not playing to win a few dollars, I am playing to give hope to a city, I am playing for the underdogs overshadowed by the New York Citys of the world, I am playing for those who feel their efforts are rewarded. I play for the people of Hoboken!

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    Congrats, Brian! We know you’ll make Hoboken proud.

    Comment below to congratulate Brian and wish him lots of luck! We will keep you updated on his journey and when his episode will air.

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