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Hoboken Police Launching ‘Shut Off Your Engines Campaign’

by Samantha Impaglia
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The Hoboken Police Department announced a new initiative this week to educate residents about the danger of leaving running vehicles unattended. With a rise in stolen vehicles around New Jersey and the Tri-State area, this campaign is very important. Read on to learn more about the “Shut Off Your Engines” campaign and what Hoboken Police are doing to keep the streets safe.

hoboken police shut off your engine campaign

The Details

It’s no secret in the news that car thefts in New Jersey have been rising. Just in North Jersey, this number has increased 127% in the past year, according to Patch. With this spike in stolen vehicles, leaving keys and key fobs in cars is more dangerous than ever.

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The “Shut Off Your Engines” campaign being launched by Hoboken Police is to inform residents, visitors, and local businesses about the increased number of motor vehicle thefts due to vehicle engines being left running. Even if the owner has the keys/key fob while away from the vehicle, the department emphasized that it will still run, and can be taken. The police are hoping this new initiative will both help stop the number of cars being taken, and therefore decrease the chances that the stolen car will be used in another crime.

What Hoboken Police is Doing to Help Locally

Starting at a later date, Hoboken Police officers will be going door-to-door to local businesses to raise awareness for the “Shut Off Your Engines” campaign, as well as handing out flyers to locals throughout Hoboken. The visits will focus on businesses that offer food delivery services, such as restaurants, liquor stores, supermarkets, and more.

“Business owners will be contacted and encouraged to participate in educating their delivery services and the general public to shut off their vehicle’s engine, remove their keys from their vehicle, and lock their car doors,” Hoboken Police Detective Lieutenant Jonathan Mecka said in an email release.”

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We reached out to Detective Lieutenant Mecka for comment but have not heard back yet. For further information on how to protect your vehicle from a theft from the New Jersey State Police, click here.

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