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The School of Creative Snaps for Kids Opening in Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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The School of Creative Snaps will soon be opening its doors for budding young photographers. Located at 150 Bay Street in Jersey City, the new learning center will welcome kids who are eager to learn how to work a professional camera and the art of photography. Read on for more information about The School of Creative Snaps.

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Coming to Jersey City

Creative Snaps is founded by Cristal Rojas, an afro Latina photographer who can’t wait to open the school’s doors. The inspiration came from her own childhood and the journey she’s been through to get to where she is today.

When I was a kid, I didn’t have the opportunity to explore photography. I loved creating stories with visuals…but I didn’t have the means to explore it or know that it was an art or form of expression,” Cristal Rojas tells Hoboken Girl. “I fell in love [with the art after getting a camera]. I realized I can capture the world the way I see it people, toys, pets, places.”

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Cristal sought out to turn a studio space into a creative space for kids to get the experience well before even going to high school. The perfect location the business owner found was at the upscale Magnum Opus Studio, located at 150 Bay Street, Unit 801, Jersey City. 

school of creative snaps for kids bay street

“I wanted to create a space for kids where they can explore their perspective through the art of photography and have everything they need there. I want to encourage and give them confidence in how they view the world. The fact that their imaginative minds have the ability to turn everyday things into a world of wonder inspires me,” Cristal, a first-time business owner, shares.

About the Classes

The photography program is in person at the studio and classes are held twice a week — Tuesdays for kids ages 7-10 and Thursdays for kids ages 11-13. Open enrollment is going on now and classes will start the week of April 18. All of the equipment is provided by the studio.

cristal rojas owner creative studios

^ Cristal Rojas, owner of The School of Creative Snaps

“We explore different types of photography weekly with fun subjects to excited the kids every week and direct their own shoot,” Cristal shares. “I am very passionate about photography and about making it fun. I believe in teaching kids by letting them use all their senses and inspiring them to create what they think looks great. In these classes, I will guide them, and show them techniques, but ultimately they will direct their shoots using top-notch equipment.”

In the future, Cristal hopes to expand the schedule to offer more classes and also come up with a summer camp program. The local mom also might be incorporating a weekend morning workshop for new mothers to bring their babies and learn photography while taking away cute pics of their newborns.

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Opening Soon

The official opening day of The School of Creative Snaps is Tuesday, April 19. The feedback from the community so far has been very positive and locals “think it’s a good idea.” 

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“I’m super happy to start and be a part of the art scene in the community. Jersey city is so welcoming to all forms of art and I’m glad to be one of the first programs to cater to photography-loving kids. There’s no other one like it!” Cristal tells HG. “I have an exciting lesson planned for the first day of classes that I can’t wait to work on with the kids!”

For more information, visit The School of Creative Snaps’ website or follow them on Instagram.

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