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Hoboken Unveils Mural Dedicated to Historic Figure

by Katherine Chaves Diaz
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Art lovers will be happy to know that Hoboken just unveiled a new mural – a big one. It depicts a historical Hoboken figure (can you guess who?) and is situated near the Hoboken path station. Here are the details on the latest art project.

(Photo credit: @beaustanton)

Famous international artist, Beau Stanton, is no stranger to Hudson County. With one mural in Jersey City, Stanton has expanded his portfolio here in the area.

Before presenting a design to the City, he dove into research on the city of Hoboken and took note of the architecture that can be found in town. After landing on a design, the mural took a total of seven days to complete.

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The artwork is a 70’ x 45’ mural of Hoboken’s founder, John Stevens, looking through Tiffany-stained glass that mixes with the beaux-arts ornamentation prominently featured in the Hoboken Terminal. The mural can be found at the corner of Newark Street and Hudson Street.

(Photo credit: @beaustanton)

“I’ve had the privilege of creating murals in various communities around the world, so it is very important for me to create imagery and themes that are site-specific and deeply rooted to the neighborhoods I’m working in,” said Stanton in a statement. “My studio is just across the river, so I was familiar with the unique charm Hoboken has. I was really honored and excited that the Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA) and the City of Hoboken chose me to create the HBA’s inaugural mural for what hopefully grows into a more robust arts program.”

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With this mural, the City of Hoboken and the HBA have officially launched the comprehensive mural arts program. The HBA and its sub-committee will be identifying new areas for future murals throughout the city.

(Photo credit: @beaustanton)

“At HBA, our mission is to energize and enhance Hoboken’s business environment, with the goal of creating a beautiful, art-filled city with a vibrant business district,” said Gregory Dell’Aquila, President of the HBA in a statement. “As seen in metropolitan cities all over the world, as well as in neighboring Jersey City, we know that murals will help enhance the landscape of one of America’s most walkable cities. We are proud to curate this mural and collaborate with the City of Hoboken to create something special for our community.”

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