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Must-Visit Art Galleries in Hoboken

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Calling all art lovers — with the Hudson County art scene growing larger and more prominent every year, it’s about time you show our local art community some serious love. Whether you’re an art novice or an expert in the field, Hoboken has a gallery for you to visit. Plus, you’ll want to plan a visit to each of these galleries to catch the latest exhibits, as every artist is redefining what it means to create something new and exciting. Keep reading for a list of must-visit art galleries right here in Hoboken.

Roig Collection {225 River Street + 257 1st Street}

roig collection

{Photo credit: @roigcollection}

Chances are if you’ve ever visited the W hotel, walked past the public tennis courts or attended the Arts + Music Festival, you’ve come across Ricardo’s art. 

Ricardo Roig draws inspiration from the landscapes of towns near and far and recreates them through his discovery of “hand-cut prints.” Using an exacto-knife, he cuts out hundreds of tiny pieces of paper and overlaps them to form his desired paper stencil portrait. This past May, Ricardo was commissioned by the city of Hoboken to create “Michael Chang, Hoboken Hero,”, a hand-cut and stencil spray-painted mural overlooking the tennis courts at Columbus Park honoring the Hobokenite who was victorious in the 1989 French Open as the first Asian-American. Ricardo is also the mastermind behind the mural depicting Lackawanna station alongside Napoli’s Pizzeria. Taking into consideration the time and patience required to produce one small stencil print, the overwhelming love and passion he has for creating is almost palpable. 

Ricardo recently opened “Roig’s Gallery” an art and framing studio on 252 1st Street, in addition to his showroom in the W hotel. Every Thursday night from 6:00PM-8:00PM, he hosts a “Mix + Sip” at the W hotel offering complimentary drinks and a chance to meet the artist himself.

Snap Fitness JC

Hoboken Historical Museum {1301 Hudson Street}


{Photo credit: @hobokenmuseum}

Zap Fitness

Believe it or not, this Hoboken museum is also home to an art gallery. Not only can you immerse yourself into the history of Hoboken at his local museum, but you can also kick back on the couch inside the “Sinatra Lounge” to listen to his records on a 1919 record player, watch documentaries about his life {as well as Hoboken}, read books written in his memory, and most importantly, marvel at two of Sinatra’s paintings all right inside the Hoboken Historical Museum. Similar to Tony Bennett, Ol’ Blue Eyes took up painting on the side as an escape from his global fame. Sinatra’s Picasso-style self-portrait is the most unique of the two and is believed to have been a gift for his dentist. It is said that most of his paintings were gifts for friends in need of art for their homes or businesses. Stop by for an adventure in time and learn more about Sinatra’s hidden talent. Beyond Sinatra, however, swing by the museum’s art gallery to catch works of different artists being exhibited.

Field Colony {1001 Bloomfield Street}

field colony

{Photo credit: @fieldcolony}

Perched right on the corner of 10th Street sits this multi-functional gallery that offers several weekly art classes in addition to showcasing unique works from New Jersey artists and a spacious co-working space for meetings. 

Aaron Boucher, the co-founder and curator of Field Colony is a multidisciplinary, conceptual, and figurative artist who focuses on paper, canvas, and sculpture. Through his expertise and experience, he has cultivated a wealth of knowledge about the industry as well as the local art community. Aaron is also the artist behind the Hoboken Art + Studio Tour design.

Visitors can take private classes for painting, live drawing, 3D modeling/sketch up, Adobe Illustrator, wax on, marbling/suminagashi, Adobe Photoshop, and film.

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Issyra Gallery {300 Observer Highway}

issyra gallery hoboken

Proceed with caution when entering Issa Sow’s gallery, because it is much more than simply a room showcasing art, it is a transformative experience that forces you to ask yourself if you’ve suddenly left Hoboken and entered into a world of creativity bursting with culture and imagination — Issyra Gallery is an artistic escape in every sense of the phrase.

Issa displays his own paintings, with sprinkles of ancient African-inspired sculptures he has collected over the years. He viewed the room itself as his canvas and transformed the floors and walls into a permanent art installation to serve as the perfect backdrop to frame his pieces. You could spend an entire day looking through the pieces he has on display and only get through half of them. 

On every first Saturday of the month, the gallery hosts a live music and poetry event showcasing local talent, free to the public. 

Proto Gallery {66 Willow Avenue} 

proto gallery hoboken

For a glimpse of what the local art scene currently looks like, Proto Gallery is the place to be. The well-known, contemporary art space features represented artists through solo exhibitions on a periodic basis. They work with emerging and mid-career artists both nationally and abroad. With 2,500 square feet, each installation has room to shine and allows visitors to take in the genius of the artists. Proto is considered one of the best contemporary art galleries in the area. Regardless of which innovative exhibit is on display at the time, you will always find some of the most unsuspecting, imaginative pieces at Proto. 

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Barsky Gallery {49 Harrison Street}

barsky gallery

{Photo credit: @barskygallery}

Picture it, your next corporate event in a venue decorated with beautiful, gripping artwork. Set the tone for your brand culture, birthday, or holiday celebration by hosting an unforgettable private event at this premier art gallery. With an impressive array of artists being featured, this space has displayed pieces from Karlee Mariel, Hans Petersen, Natalia Pinchuk, and Kevin Connolly Gillespie. At this gallery, there is a dynamic beauty, energy, and playfulness on display through the different techniques, colors, and references to modern culture. Barsky offers a unique opportunity to acquire some of the most cutting-edge contemporary art pieces in the area that would appeal to both new and well-seasoned collectors. 

Neumann Leathers Building {333 Newark Street}

This historical landmark, formerly operated for the production of leather, has become a hub for artists and inventors alike. The building alone defies the notion that Hoboken’s art scene is not as expansive as those in other communities. Every floor is home to a number of art studios for local painters, sculptors, print-makers, photographers, clothing designers, and beyond. With so much creativity in one space, you couldn’t begin to guess what was waiting in the next room. Most of these studios are closed off to the public for the artists to create, however, you can meet them and shop their designs by appointment. 

These galleries are offering more than just an opportunity to be knocked off of your feet by their unapologetically, intrinsic, and imaginative artists, they are offering a peek into a world where any wild idea could be brought to life in the most unconventional way, a world where freedom of expression is a necessary tool to flourish, the singular world of art.

Have you visited one of these Hoboken galleries yet? Let us know in the comments! 

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