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Inside Covetables: A Home Retail Boutique + Art Gallery in Jersey City 

by Evelyn Ibarra
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If you’re looking to furnish your home with unique and elegant home décor, and purchase one of a kind artwork, look no further than the beautiful boutique retail and art store, Covetables. Owner and artist Jonathan Acheson opened the store a year ago in the rapidly developing Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood. After years of creating beautiful artwork, and having a love of home décor, Jonathan, a long-time Bergen-Lafayette resident, decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning a one of a kind “art-gallery” and retail shop. Read on to learn all about Covetables, a home retail and art boutique in Jersey City. 

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About Covetables

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The space is welcoming with bright and vibrant colors and an eclectic mix of items, ranging from one of a kind art-work to humorous unique greeting cards. The store features an array of artwork from 42 artists, 22 of which are local to Jersey City and Hoboken. Jonathan already had relationships with many of the artists from college and graduate school, and he knew and admired their work. The local artists either found Jonathan and the store by chance or met him through other art events in Jersey City. The custom artwork includes a variety of categories such as fiber art, paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, ceramics, and handmade jewelry. In addition to the beautiful variety of artwork, the store includes both new furniture, antiques, lighting, décor, bar carts, glasses, plates, plants, pillows, candles, tea, honey, and much more.

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The Space 

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The furniture and décor are staged throughout the store in such a way that gives you a feel of how a room would look in your home, from the couch with matching pillows, side tables with picture frames, to art hanging in the space. The owner did not want his store to be a “white box” model, as many NYC galleries are where the art is exhibited in a clean, empty white room.

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The “white box” concept is flattering to the artwork, but no one lives in a space like that; by having the artwork hung in a space with furniture, plants, etc., you get to experience “art in context,” or a more realistic idea of what art would look like in a home setting

About Jonathan 

Jonathan studied art at Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL, before moving to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he got his MFA. He has been painting for roughly 25 years and has wanted to open a gallery for over 20 years. He always felt like a lot of really talented artists never get exposure in the more traditional gallery world, and he wanted to have a place that artists could show their work regardless of their “status” or sales record. He noted that a lot of people don’t consider buying art for a number of reasons — maybe they feel it’s too expensive, they might not know where to look, they might not know what to look for, or how to judge what is considered “good” art. Jonathan feels that by having a selection of art in different media and in different styles, customers can see what they respond to and compare prices to see what might fit their lifestyle and budget. 

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The Gallery 

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Jonathan reviews art for inclusion in the gallery on a regular basis. The gallery is open from 10:00AM-7:00PM Tuesday through Saturday. More information can be found on the visit www.covetablesnj.com or Instagram @covetablesjc

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