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Local Moms Share the Hoboken Foods That Just Might Induce Labor

by Ainsley Layland
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Being a parent is an important job — taking care of a tiny human is no small feat! However, as mothers-to-be near their final days of pregnancy, they start to look for ways to bring on labor so they can meet their baby {and stop being pregnant!} as soon as possible. Eating spicy food to jumpstart that process might be an old wives’ tale or just coincidence, but if it means meeting your baby sooner than planned, anything is on the table. If you’re in those final days and wanting to move things along, keep reading to find out where you can get a spicy something here in Hoboken to *maybe* induce labor — tried-and-true from mamas in the area

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only. None of these foods are medically confirmed to induce labor. If you have any immediate concerns, please contact your healthcare provider ASAP.

The Filet Mignon at Dino + Harry’s Steakhouse {163 14th Street}


A combination of spicy food from Dino + Harry’s and exercise might work as it did for this local mama. “I don’t know if the food had as much to do with it as the long walk home, but the filet mignon at Dino + Harry’s was my last meal before my water broke five days early,” Jamie Lynn told Hoboken Girl. Beyond the steak, enjoy seafood, pasta, and more  at this vintage spot. To order curbside pickup call 201-659-6202 or click here for delivery options. 

Eggplant Parm from Leo’s Grandevous {200 Grand Street #A}

eggplant parm

A semi-famous solution for inducing labor with food can be found at local Italian spot Leo’s. “Hands down the eggplant parm from Leo’s,” wrote Allissa Mitgang. “Heard about it from a few mommies actually!” If eggplant isn’t your jam give the mussels a try. “I’ve heard the eggplant parm from Leo’s has worked for multiple people. [But] personally, I had Leo’s Fra Diavolo mussels,” wrote Genevieve DeAndrea. Established in 1939, Leo’s is the oldest restaurant in Hoboken, featuring a menu of classic Italian dishes. For a taste of Leo’s, click here to order delivery or call 201-659-9467 order curbside pickup.

 Spicy Ramen from South Street Fish & Ramen Co. {219 Washington Street}

south street fish and ramen


Hoboken mom, Molly Meng, suggested going down the spicy noodle route. “Spicy ramen from South Street,” said Molly. With a menu full of spicy options, there is no shortage of dining possibilities at South Street. Popular options at South Street include the Tokyo Soy Ramen and the Protein Poke Bowl. Check out the menu at southstreet.co or call 201-683-9879 to place an order.

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Guacamole with Extra Jalapeños from Los Charrito’s {518 Washington Street}

  los charritos guacamole


Alexandra Shuman had some labor-inducing luck with spicing up her avocados. “Guacamole with extra jalapeños at LosCharrito’s was ordered with induction intention, as I am not a big spicy food eater…and it worked!” A go-to Mexican restaurant for Hoboken residents, the menu features shrimp tacos, enchiladas, flautas, and so much more. Charrito’s is offering delivery and takeout options on the website or call 201-216-9201 to place an order.

Pizza from Rosario’s {1132 Willow Avenue}

Calling all pregnant pizza lovers, this one from Danielle Sardone has your name written all over it. “I had Rosario’s pizza and my water broke an hour later,” she shared. Obviously similar results are not guaranteed, but eating pizza is worth the risk. The rest of the menu at Rosario’s features classic pizza joint fare, so you can find pasta, seafood, heroes, and desserts all in one place. Call 201-418-8717 to place your order or head to the site to have a pie delivered.

Pasta Primavera from Café Michelina {423 Bloomfield Street}

pasta primavera cafe michelina


Caroline Simon enjoyed a seafood-inspired meal before going into labor. “[I] had Café Michelina’ pasta primavera with shrimp at 8:00PM and was holding my daughter at 8:00AM.” This family-owned restaurant has been serving authentic Italian dishes to the Hoboken community since 1994. Order on the site cafemichelinahoboken.com or call the restaurant at 201-659-3663.

 Spicy Dishes from Karma Kafe {505 Washington Street}

spicy dish

Overdue and ready to go, Katrina Malayev went double duty on her efforts to meet her baby. “I had Karma Kafe {ordered the spiciest dish they had} and then followed with a ton of pineapple the night before I went into labor at 41 weeks,”  she shared.  From tandoori shrimp to chicken tikka masala, it’s easy to find both delicious and spicy dishes at this Hoboken locale. Karma Kafe is open for delivery and curbside pickup. Call 201-610-0900 to place an order or visit the site.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites + Pizza from Northern Soul {700 1st Street}

northern soul app

Erica Barreto chose this spot for her pre-labor meal. “I ate a lot of buffalo cauliflower bites and buffalo pizza from Northern Soul,” she shared with Hoboken Girl. Northern Soul is a great all-day solution since the restaurant serves brunch, soups and salads, and dinner. Located on 1st Street, call 201-217-8784 or visit northernsoulbar.com to place an order.

Inferno Pizza from Apulia {1319 Washington Street}

pizza inferno tony baloney


For a spicy pie, Heather Schillaci suggests Apulia. “Inferno pizza from Apulia! Super Spicy,”  she said. It’s delicious and effective in evacuating that baby on board. View the full menu, which includes meatballs and panzerotto al forno, at apuliahoboken.com where you can also place an order or call 201-683-3923.

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 Burgers from Zack’s {232 Willow Avenue}

burger zacks oak bar


Niki Poveromo ate her last pregnant meal at Zack’s on Willow Avenue. “[A] burger from Zack’s and fresh pineapple got things started for me,” she explained. Offering options like burgers and pasta for delivery or pickup, check out Zack’s website for full details and call 201-653-7770 to place an order today.

 Tikka Pizza from Tony Boloney’s {263 1st Street}

tony boloneys hoboken ramen

A truly unique fusion option of Indian cuisine and pizza helped Harini Pundi Satyanarayanan meet her little one soon after this meal. “I ate the paneer Tikka pizza from Tony Boloney’s and my water broke a few hours after,” she said. Enjoy this pizza and a whole menu of unique options, like the taco pizza, at tonyboloneys.com or call 201-222-8669 to have it delivered.

Papaya from ShopRite Hoboken {900 Madison Street}


For our pregnant readers who aren’t big spicy food fans, local mom Kristen McGuire had a different helpful meal before going into labor. “I ate most of a papaya, purchased at the Hoboken ShopRite, and started having contractions pretty much immediately -—12 days before my due date. My son was born about 15 hours later,” she told HG.

 To all the new sixth borough babies born in 2020 – welcome to the world!

Which of these dishes are you going to try? Let us know in the comments!


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