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Even More Local Pets Keeping Their Humans Company While Working From Home

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As we roll into a new work week ahead, many of us have gotten into a groove when it comes to working from home. We’ve got accustomed to our four-legged co-workers, many of whom like to distract us from our work simply by being, well, adorable. Now that it’s officially  Monday, yet again, we’ve got a new batch of furry co-workers that we’d like for you to meet. Check out these local pets who have been keeping their humans company while they are {still} working from home {and check back every Monday for some new furry faces — please submit your pets with a blurb about them to hello@hobokengirl.com}:

working from home pets hoboken  jersey city

Samantha + Nugget

nugget pets working from home

“Real hard day WFH,” Samantha shares.

Danielle + Winston

winston pets working from home

“Winston never misses a chance to sunbathe {just like his Mom} + follows the sunspots around the apartment. When he’s not tanning, he’s hard at work on his laptop,” Danielle says.

Lara + Sammy

sammy pets working from home

“He is my ‘co-worker’ Sammy. He looks like he was told he has the video conference,” Lara shares.

Samantha, Socks, + George

socks george pets working from home

“Socks and George are very busy during this WFH time,” Samantha says.

Christina + Ernie

ernie pets working from home

“My co-worker refuses to comply with social distancing rules,” Christina tells us.

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Jessica + Peanut

peanut pets working from home

“My best co-worker, Peanut, working late in bed,” Jessica says.

Megan + Sofia

sofia pets working from home

“Sofia, my new assistant,” Megan shares.

mariah pets working from home

“Mariah is my rescue bunny and she is not only a great work buddy but also keeps me company during my at-home workouts – the takes over the mat,” Meaghan says.

Gina + Beta

beta pets working from home

“Beta is not too thrilled with staying inside,” Gina shares.

Jenna + Penelope

penelope pets working from home

“This is my furry coworker Penelope,” Jenna says.

Jennifer + Bertie

bertie pets working from home

“This is Bertie, my WFH-coworker, he’s providing excellent IT support during this crisis. ‘Did you try switching it off? Did you try barking at it?‘ He’s very much enjoying having the humans at home, although I think we are disrupting his nap schedule,” Jennifer shares.

Jennifer + Maddie

maddie pets working from home

“This is Maddie the Bernadoodle,” Jennifer says.

Lindsay + Bodie

bodie pets working from home

“Here is Bodie helping me WFH.  He gets paid overtime in cookies for being a ‘floof-nancial’ advisor with me,”  Lindsay tells us.

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Danielle + Calvin

calvin pets working from home

“One week in and Calvin is already sleeping on the job,” Danielle says.

Kristin + Cooper

cooper pets working from home

“Cooper Block falling asleep while WFH,” Kristin shares.

Have a pet that’s keeping you company while you work from home?

Email us at hello@hobokengirl.com to have your pet featured next week!

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