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More Adorable Pets Working from Home with Their Humans

by Arielle Witter
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Cue the drum roll…we’ve made it to the best part of the week. The part where we share a new batch of adorable, fluffy, and all-around super sweet pets that are keeping their humans company while they work from home. From dogs sitting in on Zoom meetings to cats literally taking over a laptop keyboard to keep someone from writing — we’ve got it all. Meet these new local pets who have been keeping their humans company while they are {still} working from home {and check back every Monday for some new furry + adorable faces — please submit your pets with a short blurb about them to hello@hobokengirl.com}:

pets working from home hoboken jersey city

Adria, Alex, + Zoe

alex zoe pets working from home

“Alex wants to know why her human is late for work {again!}, while Zoe prefers to slack off on the job,”  Adria shares.

Heather + Milo

milo pets working fromhome

“Working from hard or hardly working? Either way, Milo sure makes working from home so much better,” Heather says.

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Christina + Bentley

betley pets working from hhome

“This is Bentley. He’s tired of people scheduling Zoom meetings during playtime,” Christina shares.

Lisa + Sweep

sweep pets working from home

“Thought I’d share my furry coworker…,” Lisa shares.

Erin + Jefferson

jefferson pets workinig from home

“Here is a picture of Jefferson — he’s been leading conference calls since he insists on barking every time I say ‘hello,'” Erin says.

Matt + Bella

bella pets working from home

“Here’s the picture of Bella working from home,” Matt shares.

Svetlana + Chewy

chewy pets working from home

“This is Chewy. Most of the time, he leaves me at home to fend for myself while he is off adventuring with his dog walker, but sometimes he does begrudgingly help me out with the difficult projects,” Svetlana shares.

Alison + Fitz

fitz pets working from home

“This is Fitz. He’s the new manager and recently changed our job titles to Head Pooper Scooper and Treato Dispenser Intern. We aren’t sure how we feel about that or when our next promotion is. When he isn’t working or playing, he’s probably sleeping in the bathroom,” Alison says.

Jacquelyn + Dexter

dexter pets working fromhome

“This is Dexter, an {almost} 13-year-old Jack Russell! Cinco De Mayo is his birthday! Although he still has quite a bit of energy in his old age, he’s been quite thrilled to curl up in a blanket next to me while I work all day. It makes things a little difficult when typing with him on top of me.He also enjoys jumping in on my workouts,” Jaquelyn shares.

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Savannah + Maebe

maebe pets working from home

“Here is my home office mate. Her name is Maebe,” Savannah says.

Have a pet that’s keeping you company while you work from home?

Email us at hello@hobokengirl.com to have your pet featured next week!

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