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Citi Bike Program Available in Hoboken Starting This Week

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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The Jersey City and Hoboken joint bike-share program that was confirmed by both cities back in March has now come to fruition. Starting Monday, Lyft and the Hoboken Department of Transportation will be phasing in Citi Bike stations and bikes for a period of approximately five weeks. “The City is preparing for an official launch next week when additional information on the program will be provided,” Vijay Chaudhuri, Mayor Bhalla’s Communications Manager told Hoboken Girl last week.

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Back in March, Hoboken Girl reported that the Jersey City and Hoboken bike-share programs that were once separate entities were going to be working to officially become one. The contract required approval from both City Councils and as of March 3rd, both cities agreed.

In the past, Hoboken and Jersey City both ran separate bike-share programs with different operators — with Hoboken using Jersey {formerly Hudson} Bike Share, and Jersey City using Citi Bike. While it provided opportunities for sustainable travel in individual municipalities, it did not allow for residents of both cities to easily commute between Jersey City and Hoboken, often resulting in Citi Bikes in the Jersey Bikes’ docking stations and vice versa. Now, Jersey City and Hoboken have announced Lyft/Citi Bike as the selected bike-share provider in a joint release. The new program will be interoperable with Citi Bike NYC, so members of the Hoboken-Jersey City Bike Share Program can rent Citi Bikes in New York at no additional cost.

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Mayor Bhalla’s March 2021 press release stated that Lyft will begin phasing in about 200 bikes and 15 stations in Hoboken by May 3rd. By this summer, Lyft will add another 100 bikes and another 14 stations for a total of 300 bikes and 29 stations. The new bike-share program will be fully interoperable with Citi Bike programs in Jersey City and New York City, giving members from Hoboken seamless access to the nation’s largest bike-share system with more than 16,000 bikes and 1,000 stations at no additional cost.

Mayor Bhalla’s office pointed out that the partnership with Jersey City will improve access to regional destinations in each city, including centers of employment, transit stations, retail and food venues, educational institutions, art centers, parks, and more. The Hoboken-Jersey City bike share system furthers the Vision Zero goals of both cities to eliminate transportation deaths and serious injuries.

“It’s a pivotal moment as we work to foster safer and healthier solutions to the unprecedented challenges we’re currently facing due to the pandemic, and this bike share partnership is the innovative approach people are looking for to avoid crowded mass transit and opt for a safer, healthier, low-cost, and efficient means of travel,” said Mayor Fulop via the initial announcement in August.

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40%t of the entire system will eventually become pedal-assist e-bikes, providing additional options for residents to get around Hoboken and Jersey City, the City stated. The pedal-assist e-bikes will be phased in over the course of four months and will begin with 40 in the Hoboken system by May 3rd.

Hoboken residents will have the option to purchase a $179 yearly membership which will include unlimited 45-minute rides on either a classic Citi Bike or e-bike, for an additional $0.10 per minute. Hoboken’s contract with Lyft includes substantially discounted Citi Bike memberships for SNAP recipients and residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority, of $5 per month. Veterans can also receive a discounted membership of $35 per year. For those without a membership, a single ride on a classic pedal bike will cost $3.50 for up to 30 minutes, and an additional $0.15 per minute to upgrade to a pedal-assist e-bike.

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