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New Jersey Crowned ‘Best Pizza State’ in the US, But We Already Knew That

by Jean Lee
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If there’s one thing New Jersey knows, it’s the perfect ratio of crust, cheese, and sauce to create the best pizza. The pizza praise continued this week as Food & Wine gave New Jersey the big cheese spot in a roundup of the top 10 states for the dish, giving a special nod to a few Jersey City favorites. Keep reading for more about Food & Wine’s top pizza choices in the Jersey City area, and a little peek into why New Jersey is, truly, the best pizza state. 


The Rankings, per Food + Wine

While New Jersey received the top spot in a list of best states for pizza, it was in good company with traditional heavyweights including Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for a rectangular tray, Pennsylvania is a good choice — though Sicilian at Torna’s is where it’s at. {Apparently, locals in the Scranton area call a pie a “tray” and a slice a “cut.”} If you just want a classic plain slice, New York is just minutes away by ferry, train, or car. And Connecticut is a hotly-contested-by-some Tri-State area contender.

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But if you want the best all-around pizza, New Jersey is a must-visit {it’s not just our opinion, Food & Wine agrees}. Jersey City has been a star city for the state in recent years as a pizza mecca, but New Jersey is home to other fan favorites including DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies {located in  Robbinsville}, Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza {located in Elizabeth} and Manco & Manco {located in Ocean City}. 

Razza {275 Grove Street}


The New York Times named Razza the best New York pizza in New Jersey several years back. This year, Razza was again mentioned with high honors, and the team is “thrilled to be a part of Food & Wine’s NJ’s pizza roster.” In the past few years, the restaurant has skyrocketed to stardom, with lines down the block just to snag a table {back before the pandemic}. 

These days, Razza has outdoor seating and a growing menu of new items. Razza’s director of communications, Stephanie Rizzolo, told Hoboken Girl late last year that “the expansion of the menu, initially driven by the onset of COVID-19, was a product of a few factors. First, we had more time and physical space to experiment.” Everything on the menu is delicious and baked to perfection.

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Bread & Salt {437 Palisade Avenue}

bread and salt jersey city

Bread & Salt was named a top pizza spot in the area by the New York Times in 2019 in addition to being mentioned by Food & Wine this week. The owner has created a cult following in a few different cities, most recently calling Jersey City home. The hours here vary depending on bake times, and right now its are only open on weekends. The famous pizza is only available on Sundays though, so you’ll need to plan ahead. You can walk up to the storefront on weekends for other bakery items, which are equally as delicious. If you aren’t local, don’t worry because Bread & Salt also ships across the country, you just have to order from this link

All in all, it’s clear that Jersey City is known for its pizza, and it’s always great to see New Jersey being recognized too {and New York, though we all know who is number one…according to Food & Wine}.

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