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CLO Coffee Co. Brings ‘True Coffee Experience’ + ‘Kindness’ to Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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CLO Coffee Co. has brought more than coffee to Jersey City’s Journal Square area. It has brought the coffee-making experience center stage and a friendly environment to the community. Read on to learn more about how CLO Coffee Co. made its way to 97 Newkirk Street in Jersey City and the pour-over method that is attracting people to check it out firsthand.

Not The Average Coffee Shop

clo coffee opens journal square

{Photo Credit: Bryan Tam/@so_theweather}

From the moment guests step inside CLO Coffee Co., they will feel the vibe that it is not an ordinary coffee shop. For one, the staff is welcoming and live by the motto of treating people with kindness and connecting with people by spreading kindness {there’s a reason why CLO’s staff sports “Be Kind” merchandise}.

In addition, owner Ralph Angeles tells Hoboken Girl what sets the coffee shop apart from others is “the commitment to challenge the status quo in serving the true coffee experience.”

This is achieved by using the pour-over method, which is centered right in the front of people on the countertop and as Angeles puts it, gives CLO “versatility” and “the aesthetic that attracts your average coffee lover.”

“Everything is made-to-order. We steer away from making any batches,” the South Plainfield, NJ resident tells Hoboken Girl. “We [focus] on the quality of your espresso shots and all our recipes are designed to highlight all the tasting notes in our coffees. Coffee comes down to the smallest details – water quality, grind size, ratio, high-quality beans, and more.”

Angeles further explains how the pour-over method works when making cold steep brew {CLO’s version of cold brew}, for example: “This is served by steeping the coffee over ice using hot water to extract the flavor, which cuts the extraction time greatly compared to a cold brew which takes 12-24 hours [to steep]. The result is a cold brew experience with freshness added back without the sour taste that you’d get from other places that might be 6-7 days old.”

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CLO {short for “Coffee Lovers Only”} works with farmers who roast the coffee beans to ensure CLO serves “the highest quality, eco-friendly, shade-grown coffee beans” that are “cultivated in high altitude to generate rich flavor in every cup.”

CLO Coffee Co.

{Photo Credit: Bryan Tam/@so_theweather}

The Menu

Patrons can select an espresso drink {macchiato, cappuccino, americano, latte, etc}, pour-over coffee, and drip coffee among other items such as tea, hot chocolate, chai latte, and matcha latte. The baristas can also make a custom drink that is not featured on the menu.

Per the website, the coffees descriptions are as follows:

  • CLO Blend – Drip: “We use the CLO blend as our go-to coffee of the day. Brimming with flavors of creamy cocoa, sweet toffee, and rich dried fruits. This offering with being the stale of our drip program.”
  • Nowa Blend – Espresso: “We chose this blend for espresso lovers with sweet, velvety, and rich with chocolate. This balanced espresso works perfectly with milk-based drinks. “
  • CLO Decaf Blend – Espresso and Drip: “In order to create a naturally sweet and ground coffee, the decaffeination process uses mountain water. This method keeps the integrity of the beans beginning with a subtle malt flavor, enhanced with a creamy body and rich notes of white chocolate, and ending with soft acidity and golden raisin on the finish.”

Cozy furniture fills the open-space room {with all couches and chairs being socially distanced} and workspace/private space can even be purchased, along with the CLO monthly membership to use on workspace and purchases made. There is also a small selection of to-go pastries and sandwiches. See here for the full menu.

CLO Coffee Co.

^ Owner Ralph Angeles

{Photo Credit: Bryan Tam/@so_theweather}

How CLO Became Part of Jersey City

Owner Ralph Angeles first opened CLO in North Edison on February 8, 2020. A grand opening was later virtually held on March 28 after the pandemic hit.

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Angeles was contacted by the CMPND offices since the coworking space felt CLO was “in line” with the CMPND brand. “I honestly did not know much about Journal Square, but after looking around the area, I felt that it was a great location for CLO to re-introduce the true coffee experience,” the NJ native shares. “It was a very similar coffee scene as North Edison, where there is nothing but Starbucks and Dunkin.”

clo coffee co jersey city

{Photo Credit: Bryan Tam/@so_theweather}

CLO Jersey City opened to the public officially on November 7, 2020. “[We’re] so excited to be in JSQ where we can help spread kindness in the area,” Angeles mentions. “It’s also pretty cool to be part of the improvement happening here in JSQ.”

Check CLO Out

CLO Coffee Co., located at 97 Newkirk Street, is open Monday through Friday from 7AM to 5PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 8:30AM to 5PM with order-ahead pickup available. Angeles adds, “You will be treated with kindness every single visit and oh … get ready to be served the true coffee experience.”

For more information, visit the website found here and follow CLO Coffee Co. on Instagram here.

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