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Hoboken Fitness: CycleBar {Review}

by Desiree
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CycleBar recently opened its Hoboken location this past January in the Monroe Center {formerly Wheelhaus} — and for those who haven’t been, you’re in for a treat! If you’re not familiar with indoor cycling {a.k.a. “spinning”}, it can be a great way to get some cardio into your workout repertoire. We recently decided to check it out and here’s the sitch/our review:


Before attending class, you’ll create an account and enter in your info — which is helpful for stats {aka if you’re competitive}. This isn’t necessary before attending a class in-person, but it’s usually helpful to do in advance. On that note, there’s also a waiver for first-time guests that can be printed/signed beforehand. Since classes tend to fill up quickly, signing up in advance is highly encouraged. Ease: 7 out of 10.

Confession:  I was actually on the waitlist for the majority of the day at the mercy of the spin gods, but thankfully a bike opened up an hour or so before class. So hold out for it! Upon signing up online, you are assigned a bike and receive a confirmation email, so there’s no rushing to class to claim a spot with numerous towels or any of that jazz which is super helpful, especially for classes around rush hour {6:15 p.m. “Wine Down Wednesday” class — which is what we attended}.


Upon entering the studio, you’ll be greeted by a front desk attendant who can help, since joining a new studio or trying a new workout can be kind of intimidating the first few times you come in. She’ll walk you through the check-in process, which is done self-serve style via an iPad system. And hey, being surrounded by trendy athleisure and fitspo never hurts to put you in the mood for a great workout either. Lockers are available free of charge, and guests are encouraged to grab a water bottle directly from the “bar” — not gonna lie, this is pretty cool. Having fresh water on tap to play off of the cycle “bar” — clever and cute [and matches perfectly with Local Barre, right around the corner]. Bonus: the water bottle is actually free, so you get some workout swag and can stay hydrated as you get your sweat on. Shoes are also included in your ride, which is a MAJ perk {some spots in the city charge!}. Cycling Perk Score: 10 out of 10.

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The instructor for the class, Olivia, was equally as helpful and offered to help set up the bike and activate the keypad before we got started for any newbies. During class, she played a mix of top hits and some throwbacks, and the vibe felt like we were out just jamming on the dance floor for the most part — and pretty sure if you took a poll, anyone would tell you their legs were about to fall off {in a good way!}. The resistance knob actually gives you a number, so each time you turn it you know exactly how hard you’re working. If a little healthy competition is what gets you going, there’s also a large screen with everyone’s bikes/names {participation optional, phew!} so you can see how you’re pacing with the group. Overall, the class incorporated a nice mix of different resistance to simulate flat roads, sprints, jumps and hills. Best of all, you’ll have a blast and 50 minutes of werk will fly by — and you’ll leave on a major endorphin high at that. Workout Difficulty Score: 8 out of 10 {depending on how much you put in, since you’re in charge of the ‘nob’ for your resistance}. 

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As far as music selection, most of CycleBar’s classes are themed: favorites include the “Wine Down Wednesday” class for a different twist on happy hour. After all, what could be better than being greeted post-sweat sesh with a glass of vino? {Apples are also offered as a healthy post-workout snack for those who want to keep it dry}. On Sundays, CycleBar offers a brunch ride with mimosas and bagels afterwards — two birds with one stone, yes please! Class Option Score: 9 out of 10 — there are a bunch to choose from at various hours/times/days throughout the week.

Editor’s note: What probably will make you fall in love with the class the most is the instructor, so know that trying out a few classes may be in your best interest to connect with your favorite instructor and their playlists, as they vary greatly.

The Crowd

Overall it’s a mixed bag of attendees, with some women and men in he class {mostly women, but a few men sprinkled in}. Agewise, you’ll find a range of 20-, 30-, and 40-somethings, all at various fitness levels. Luckily, the room is dark with a club-like vibe, so even if you’re a newbie, you can feel comfortable.


A single session includes shoes, water and  snacks, and runs for $29 a pop. During March all first timers can ride for free, and you’ll have the option to purchase a 3-pack for $27 — hard to say no to $9/class! Click here for more info.

Have you tried CycleBar yet? What did you think?

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