Hoboken Dogs Being Basic and Doing Fall Things {As They Should}

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Being so close to New York city we can easily find adventures to do with our loved ones, which includes our favorite furry companions. As b@$ic as we can attempt to be {or not to be} this fall season, our love for pumpkin-flavored everything and foliage-inspired Instagram posts could never exceed the love for our precious pooches – and we have the pictures to prove that they’re in on the fall fun!

Raise your hand if you’re the cutest pumpkin in the patch:


– @pennylanethesweetpup –

Leaves + a beautiful fall day = what basic dreams are made of. No shame in this pup’s game!


– @willferman –

Colder temperatures = more layers please.


– @skyedahusky –

As {basic} as it gets… PSL included.


– @therealmackdoodle –

Porches, pumpkins, and puppies, oh my!


– @mulliganagram –

“Look at how natural I look holding an apple in an apple orchard…” 


– @kamerethepomsky –

All smiles for the camera!

{plenty of pumpkins might have something to do with it}


– @bennyhanadoodle –

All you need is a sweater and some leaves for that perfect Insta.


– @tiffanypinerostyle –

A puppy pile is our new favorite type of pile, sorry leaves…


– @ziggy_stardust_bmd –

A pooch and his best pumpkin pal.


– @therealmackdoodle –

The lovable face of an autumn-loving doggy:


– @willferman –

A photo so festive it could be a card-stock image:


– @lordgrizzly –

A face this cute, must be a beanie baby!


– @toothless_thefrenchie –

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