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The Spookiest Hoboken Street Corners {of Halloween 2016}

by Genna
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Halloween is around the corner, and so are some seriously spooky Hoboken decorations. ‘Tis the season for ghouls and goblins, witches and warlocks – oh my!

Take a stroll down Bloomfield Street and you might find yourself caught in a cobweb — or wander down Monroe and get mummified. You never truly know what you might find, as us Hobokenites know no limit when it comes to disguising our little city for the holidays…

As if this view didn’t put a spell on us already:


– @darlingindots –

Creepy covering cobwebs are only the beginning…


– @katejames1985 –

This {Hoboken} stoop got a scary makeover!


– @alyssahertzig –

Two peas in a pod or pumpkins on a bench – same thing right?


– @jamescalleo –

Some serious hair-raising hocus pocus:


– @ambularx –

We’re expecting all kinds of goodies


– @iegeorgiana –

A frightful sight to scare around every corner, or above every sidewalk…


– @audbird –

Eerily spooky sights at every turn. What the magic of the season is all about!


– @k_g_photo –

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Until next week,


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