Hoboken Clique: An Uptown Girls’ Boutique Haven

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Hoboken mamas and papas {and almost-teens!}, this one’s for you:

Not your average children’s boutique, Hoboken Clique caters to the immense ‘tween’ population in Hoboken with customizable staple items and an assortment of fun finds. Owner Jamie Caulfield is a Hoboken mom herself and has brought a new parenting haven to uptown Hoboken. This colorful and customizable haven is located in uptown Hoboken, in the previous home of shop All Things Bell, at 1204 Washington Street.

Hoboken Clique girls shopping Hoboken Entrance

After a friend found success in personalizing items in her business down the shore but wasn’t up for the back-and-forth required in opening a second location, Jamie decided to bring the business to northern Jersey herself  – and Hoboken Clique was welcomed to uptown! Although Hoboken Clique is a recent addition to Mile Square city {its doors opened in November 2018}, the shop has already generated tons of excitement throughout the community.

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Hoboken Clique girls shopping Hoboken Inside 2

The Lowdown on Hoboken Clique

Unlike other children’s boutiques in town, this unique store specializes in ‘tween’-wear {and for those not hip to the mama lingo, tween = young teenager, usually between 10-12 years old, and yes we may have googled that just to be sure}. The in-store assortment includes fun patterns, colors, and gizmos currently popular amongst ‘tweens {hand-picked by Jamie’s two girls themselves} as well as reliable brand names that parents will love, too. Brands include DL1961 denim, Living Royal patterned socks, Watchitude slap watches, and even locally-sourced favorites such as ME&EM For Good.

Hoboken Clique girls shopping Hoboken ME&EM Jewelry

Hoboken Clique girls shopping Hoboken Customized Apparel

Sparkly + Customized

Aside from its curated collection, Hoboken Clique has a unique edge in creating fully-customizable clothing {and accessories} given the right material. There is a full catalog of rhinestones with letters and shapes with the perfect design open to the imagination.

Additionally, if you can’t find something you like in-store, Jamie is more than happy to custom order additional styles or accessories given a particular need. From matching BFF sweatshirts to camo sweatpants, sparkly robes, and sleepover bags, there is something for everyone and at every price point {and let’s be serious some of this stuff is SO cute and we kinda wish it came in adult sizing, le sigh}.

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Hoboken Clique girls shopping Hoboken Bags

^A bag with rainbow straps and stars = come to mama/auntie {or her tweenager}.

Hoboken Clique girls shopping Hoboken Pants

Hoboken Clique girls shopping Hoboken Inside

Where To Find Hoboken Clique 

Be sure to call the store in advance {201-253-0333} if you’re looking for something in particular – Jamie is more than happy to place special orders. For some inspo, follow the boutique’s fun creations and new arrivals on Instagram @hobokenclique or Facebook here.

Hoboken Clique girls shopping Hoboken Tech Accessories

Have you been to Hoboken Clique to shop yet? Make sure to share with the mamas / tweenagers in your life.

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