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Hoboken Clique Reopens Today: Our Talk With the New Owners

by Samantha Impaglia
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Back in November, it was announced that a Mile Square favorite would be closing its doors — Hoboken Clique. This unique children’s store is known for its specialization in ‘tween’-wear, and first opened in November 2018. Now, a few weeks later, we got the news that the spot would not be closing anymore. Instead, Nicole Hamilton and Dara Warjanka are the new owners — two Mile Square moms who are focused on keeping Hoboken Clique true to its roots with some new additions. We had the chance to talk to the new owners of this Hoboken spot and hear all about their plans to take over the space — which is having its grand reopening today, January 13th, 2023. Read on to learn more about Nicole and Dara as well as what’s next for Hoboken Clique.

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The Hoboken Girl: Where are you and your business partner originally from if not from Hoboken or Jersey City + why did you choose to move here?

Nicole Hamilton + Dara Warjanka: Dara grew up in New Jersey and has lived in Hoboken for over 20 years. Nicole is from Long Island and her husband is from New Jersey.

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HG: Can you tell us a bit about yourself / your experience with fashion?

NH + DW: I, Nicole, worked in retail marketing and retail website production before becoming a stay-at-home mom to my four daughters (now 8, 7, 5, and 2). Dara is a fashion lover through and through, her professional work experience is in pharmaceutical sales before also becoming a stay-at-home mom to her daughter and son, 8 and 7, respectively.

HG: When did you decide to take ownership of Hoboken Clique? Was it a hard decision to make?

NH + DW: Easiest decision we ever made. We were always in the shop and loved the selection of merchandise, but also appreciated the in-store experience and sense of community. We brought our kids there all the time — whether in search of a birthday gift, to spend their allowance, or after having lunch in town. When Morgan announced the closing, we knew we wanted to keep this brand and resource open (for our girls and ourselves). The stars aligned for us and we could not be happier that we are able to do so!

HG: Can you tell us a bit about the process of gaining ownership of the store?

NH + DW: Dara and I are each other’s first “mom friends” in Hoboken. We met at Kidville when our daughters were 18 months and we were both pregnant with our second children. For years we have brainstormed business ideas, partially for fun, but with a vision in mind for the future. However, with young children, we were overflowing with ideas, but had little time to execute them. When Morgan announced her plan to close, I called Dara immediately and asked her how we could keep this Hoboken gem open. There were many operational and logistical details to work out, but through productive conversations with Morgan and the landlord we were able to move forward and give us the chance to keep this Hoboken staple open for everyone to enjoy.

HG: What were you doing before taking on this project? Are you still involved in that or have you taken business ownership full-time?

NH + DW: Dara and I were both stay-at-home moms for 8 years prior to owning Hoboken Clique — a full-time job that we will always be involved in. Business ownership is part of our next chapter.

HG: What about Hoboken made you want to invest in the area by revitalizing this popular shop?

NH + DW: For me, I was experiencing Hoboken through the lens of my young children. The preschool-age kids here have so much to choose from — stores, schools, programs, birthday party locations, play spaces, and play groups. As my daughters get older I see fewer opportunities for them to have these experiences at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Hoboken Clique will carry baby items, but the focus of our products will range from toddlers to teens. We want to connect with the community, understand their apparel, décor and recreational needs and best serve the wonderful families of Hoboken within our store.

HG: When will the shop officially re-open?

NH + DW: We are planning an official grand re-opening for late January 2023.


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HG: How, if at all, do you plan on changing the space? What are you keeping the same? Tell us more about what shoppers can expect from Hoboken Clique.

NH + DW: Hoboken Clique will stay true to its roots — we will carry tween accessories and gifts from our customers’ favorite brands. We will continue to offer customization, including revamping our custom embroidery. In addition, we see an opportunity to expand our selection by adding more items into the store that create a shopping experience for boys as well – custom sweatshirts, gaming bags, and accessories will provide fun design options. Our goal is for Clique to be a destination for an inclusive and age-appropriate in-store experience.

HG: Are there any other local business owners or leaders that you look up to?

NH + DW: Tamra at Little Play Company has built an amazing brand. Her space is so beautiful and thoughtful — we are always inspired by her journey. Cassie from Cassie Mascari Photography has been a small business owner in town for over 7 years — blog, retail store, photography — she has a ton of knowledge to share. The owners of bwè, The Hive, Pinta & Play, Margo Market, Hoboken General Store, Dave from Fit Foundry — I mean, is this the greatest town to own a business in or what?

HG: What are your goals for this year?

NH + DW: Dara and I want to have fun! Challenge ourselves, learn a bunch, share our creativity, and set an example for our children. This is not only a business venture, it’s the next chapter for two stay-at-home moms and best friends — we feel really lucky to have this opportunity.

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HG: Anything else you’d like to share with us?

NH + DW: The previous owners of Hoboken Clique have created such a special place and we are honored to be a part of its history and future. Morgan worked so hard this past year and we are so appreciative that she trusts us to take Clique into its next era.

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