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Inside Hoboken’s Newest Workout Space: Fit Foundry

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Uptown Hoboken has a new reason to celebrate: the Fit Foundry {1416 Willow Ave} is here, and it’s fabulous. The Mile Square’s newest workout space, which opened in January, is a cross between a big box gym and individual personal training sessions. They have small-group training sessions, which operate like a high interval training workout. These circuit-based classes are fast-paced and {dare we say it} fun.


^Hard to believe this awesome fitness spot was a bridal veil manufacturer


Previously a bridal veil manufacturer, the space took the owners about two years to renovate and perfect. It is open and sunny — and not over-crowded with equipment. There are a few cardio machines for class “prescriptions”, as well as tons of various weights, bands, and workout accessories for classes and open gym. Clients of Fit Foundry are encouraged to attend the awesome ‘Open Gym,’ where you can work out when you want and how you want, whenever classes are not going on. This gives clients a great opportunity to switch it up and not always have to attend a small-group or large-group class. Workout Space & Availability: 10 out of 10 {you’ll love having plenty of room to do your squats}


^Bright space to really heat things up on the TRX bands

Classes & Open Gym

The class we took is called Titanium, which is mostly full-body exercises with kettle bells, dumbbells, and abs sliders {for a just a little added torture}. If you’re nervous that you will struggle because you might not be the strongest one in the class, don’t worry – the owner and lead personal trainer, Dave Quevedo, modifies any exercise as needed to assure you won’t get hurt AND still make you feel the burn. On a scale of 1 to 10, the difficulty of this class an 8, but can easily be modified to make exercises harder {yikes} or easier, depending on your personal fitness level. They are accommodating for injuries and joint issues, and conduct the class on a turf-like surface. No knee pain found in this class! The Sore Score: 8 out of 10 {but could be easily adjusted to meet your fitness level}


^Fit Foundry heart-pumping class in full-swing, no pun intended!

Friendly Competition

Throughout the class, Dave continually reminded the group of students that “quality over quantity” and “form over function” were the keys to success when working with weights. At the end of the class, Dave and Michelle, another group trainer at Fit Foundry, split the group into two smaller teams for a Team Building activity. Everyone was cheering each other on for a little friendly competition, which made the hard work go a tiny bit faster. Dave and Michelle ended the class with high-fives all around to celebrate the official start of the weekend. Positivity is contagious {we love seeing the sunny side of things}. Encouraged Camaraderie Score: 10 out of 10


Fit Foundry’s prices are competitive and fair. As the owner, Dave, said, “When you think of the $600-100 you’ll spend on one session of a personal trainer at a big gym, getting to have the personal training experience with a large group {6+} or a small group {3-4} is what we are all about.” They really want you to feel that their sessions are informative and tough, without getting lost in the crowd. You can drop-in to a solo class for $25, or pay $155 month-to-month with unlimited large-group sessions, and access to the open gym anytime it is available. Ready to take the plunge? They have an annual contract for $129/month for the year — which is, approximately, the cost of a new dress {on sale} at Anthro. Just sayin’! Pricing Score: 9 out of 10 {the price is well worth what’s included}


^Fit Foundry’s pricing

Overall, we found Fit Foundry to be a refreshing breath of gym air {is that possible?} — perfect for jazzing up your old, boring workout with tough trainers and friendly teammates. Your {sore} shoulders, back, and booty will thank you for days!

How was your experience at Fit Foundry? Tell us about it, below.

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Christina is a resident of midtown Hoboken and an avid runner. A total fitness lover and fanatic, Christina is always up to try something new. Her other passions include cooking, baking, and any events which include animals. She and her fiancé can often be found watching the dogs play at the dog park — and her other favorite places in town are the farmers market, Pier A for a run, and any coffee shop (especially with gluten free cookies). Make sure to stop by Work It Out studios and say hi to Christina, who is usually behind their front desk!

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