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A Guide to the Children’s Book Authors of Hudson County

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Children’s books take readers to lands and ideas only the young can imagine. But sometimes as an adult, these whimsical stories are fun too. We know Hudson County is filled with some talented people and now, we want to take some time to highlight those in our community that make these stories for our little ones. Whether it’s a bedtime story, a book for school, quiet time, or just reading for fun, these authors have books that any kid would love. Check out this list of children’s book authors right in our area.

childrens book author hudson county

Veronica Chambers

Veronica Chambers shirley chisholm book

While Veronica Chambers is typically best known for her memoirs and essay collections, she is also the author of multiple children’s books. Often pulling on her own Afro-Latina heritage, Chambers books empowers children to learn of heroes of color in history as well as educate little scholars on civil rights. Some of her children’s books include Shirley Chisholm is a Verb!, Finish the Fight, and Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa. Chambers currently resides in Hoboken with her family. For more information on Chambers and where to find her books, check out her website here.

Jordan and Joelle Hernandez

Jordan Joelle Hernandez twin tales

Yes, they are both sisters {and twins” so naturally their children’s book is about being just that. This Hoboken duo shares a story of what most school-age twins go through for the first time: separation. Taking the reader through the ups, downs, nerves, and excitement of what it is like to enter a new school without a best friend. For anyone going through something similar or for those who just want to read a fun story —Twin Tales: Sasha and Sophie go to School can be found here or online at most major retailers.

Raakhee Mirchandani

Raakhee Mirchandani superhero book

Many authors pull their inspiration from real-life events, and Raakhee Mirchandani is one of those people. After her own daughter beat cancer at a very young age, Mirchandani wanted to share her little superhero’s story with the world and did so through her first children’s book. Now, she is set to release her second title in early 2021. Beyond writing stories for little ones, Mirchandani’s work can be seen in publications such as Elle, Glamour, New York Post, and The Huffington Post. Follow Mirchandani to stay updated with her work on Instagram @raakstarwrites and purchase her book here.

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Shari Simpson

shari simpson Sleep Walkers

This Hudson County resident comes with a long list of titles behind her name. Some of which include screenwriter, public speaker, and author—this November, she will add the second installment of her hit series Sleep Walkers. Beyond writing and filmmaking, Simpson is a dog mom to her adorable pug Mila Kunis. To pre-order her upcoming book and to see photos of Mila Kunis the pug, follow her website here.

Jesse Sima

Jesse Sima snow pony

A veteran to the children’s book industry, Jesse Sima released her sixth children’s book this past summer. While Sima herself lives in Jersey City, her books take her little readers to places ranging from the beach to the farm. In addition to being a published children’s author, she has illustrated Snow Pony and the Seven Miniature Ponies written by Christian Trimmer. Her website not only provides an opportunity to purchase her work but also promises more to come in 2021. Check it out here.

Jake Handler

Jake Handler rock on billy

Many aspiring musical artists draw inspiration from industry icons. The main character Billy does exactly that in local author Jake Handler’s first children’s book Rock on Billy. Both an educator and a pillar in his community, Handler shares a story that is truly for those of all ages. For more information on Handler and to purchase Rock on Billy, check out Page Publishing.

Kerry Margo

Kerry Margo i will light it up blue

Twins are often a fun subject in children’s book and this Hoboken resident is adding to the list of books found with this theme. Kerry Margo takes the reader through life as a twin living on the autism spectrum in his debut book I Will Light It Up Blue. Margo’s work shares a story of unconditional love as well as awareness for a condition affecting so many. To purchase this book, follow his page here.

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 Jessica Bohrer

 Jessica Bohrer your voice

Being a co-author of a children’s book is just one of the many accomplishments of Jessica Bohrer. She is vice president and editorial counsel in the newsroom at Forbes, serves on the Leadership Council of the Committee to Protect Journalists {CPJ}, and she provides pro bono support to journalists working with the International Senior Lawyers Project. Co-authored with her father, Your Voice is Your Superpower: A Beginners Guide to Freedom of Speech {and the First Amendment} educates children at an early age on the importance of speaking up and encourages them to do so. For more information on Bohrer and to purchase this book, check this site out.

Patricia Keeler

Patricia Keeler lizzie lou

Over a dozen books hold the name Patricia Keeler on them within the children’s book space. That is because this illustrator and author is remarkably talented. She is a Hoboken resident and has hosted illustration events and readings at local stores such as Word Bookstore in Jersey City. Some of the titles with her name include Lizzie and Lou Seal, Scoop the Ice Cream Truck, and Drumbeat on our Feet. Learn more about Keeler and check out all of her work here.

Daniel Nayeri

Daniel Nayeri everything sad untrue

Sharing a personal experience with the world is never easy, but it is often important. After spending years as a refugee from Iran, Nayeri immigrated to Oklahoma and now lives with his family here in NJ. His books for young people share some insight into this formative experience. His books Everything Sad is Untrue is based on his life experience. Additionally, he appeals to children with this series The Elixir Fixers.  Nayeri’s site includes information on his work, publisher, story, and even ways to get in contact with him.

Jason Henry

Jason Henry up away

With over a decade and a half under his belt in the children’s book world, Jason Henry can call himself author among many other titles such as award winner and senior designer. His book Up and Away has been said to, “sweep readers off their feet” by Kirkus Review. This publication is the story of two brothers who invented the hot-air balloon. To read more,  hop over to Amazon for more information.

Erinn Pascal 

Erinn Pascal harry potter

While her name is Erinn Pascal, avid readers may know this Jersey City resident better by her pseudonym Cala Spinner. If her name doesn’t ring a bell, the brands that she has written for should. Such brands include Peppa Pig, Harry Potter, and Batman. Even though she has done some high-profile work, her real dream is similar to the average person—to own 1,000 dogs. Spinner can be found on most any book site, but here is a bit more about her from Scholastic.

Anna Kim

Anna Kim danbi book

Anna Kim has been drawing on inspiration from the city of Hoboken ever since Barnes & Noble was on Washington Street. Fast forward to Summer 2020 and she released her first book Danbi Leads the School Parade. When looking at major retailers for stories highlighting young Asian characters or stories of immigrants, she realized there weren’t many. During the 10 years she worked on this book, she was a piano teacher and took many classes to learn about the writing and illustration process. Hoboken Girl actually profiled Kim earlier this year where she shares her story, her inspirations, and what is next up for her writing career. 

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