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Where to Get Clothing Customized in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Erica Commisso
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Fashion is a way to identify and express ourselves, to show off what we’re interested in, or to tell a story. Custom clothing helps express that even further or helps create a uniform look for parties, events, and more. If you’re looking for a cool, one-of-a-kind piece or are looking for something in particular for a costume or event, there are several local shops that fit the bill. Check out our list of customized clothing in Hoboken and Jersey City: 

A.B. Tees Screen Printing | 7 Sherman Avenue Floor 3, Jersey City 

(Photo credit: @abtees_screen_printing)

Customers can get literally anything screen printed on a t-shirt at a relatively low cost, and at a quick turnaround. This company offers a variety of t-shirt types and an array of pre-made designs, and the store also does bulk orders. 

By Cayla | Online 

(Photo credit: @bycayla )

Cayla Morton creates hand-painted pieces out of her Hoboken base, including denim jackets, shoes, leather pieces and more. Retro, graphic prints are painted onto traditional, fashion staples to add a pop of color and intrigue.  

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Hill + Velez | Online

(Photo credit: @hillandvelez)

This local, Black-owned family business showcases a lot of its work on Instagram, and offers customizable clothing (think: kimonos, bomber jackets, and more) as well as home goods like blankets. 

Love, Amarie | Online 

(Photo credit: @loveamarie)

Andrea Maiolano makes bespoke gifts and clutches for wedding days and more. The four step process allows her to create a custom clutch with unique lining and design details, including hand-embroidery, that can be worn as a unique piece for outfits to come. 

Needle + Stitch | Online

(Photo credit: @needleandstitchco)

This Jersey City business offers custom-crafted embroidery for both baby apparel and specialty items through both the owner Justine’s Etsy shop and Instagram. Offerings include stitched jackets, blankets, and adorable sonogram stitches. 

S & Y Embroidery | 30 Mall Drive W #2, Jersey City 

(Photo credit: @syembroidery)

Located on the second floor of the Newport Center, this company will customize an array of items: mugs, shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and more. You can bring your own clothing to customize, or buy something new and have it made unique. 

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The Butt Doctor | Online

(Photo credit: @thebuttdoctorphdenim)

Muñeca Mullins takes vintage denim and uses her experience in vintage clothing and technical design to customize each piece to any body shape. Not only does her technique reduce carbon footprints, but it also provides a perfectly fitting pair of jeans that last a lifetime. Aside from her jean-tailoring services, she also does custom art designs on clothing + accessories.

Vera Vixeness | Online

(Photo credit: @veravixeness)

This multi-talented Jersey City local is a painter and tattoo artist but also offers custom (and pre-designed) hand-painted leather and denim goods alongside team members that include Debbie Mangual-Conti. She’s the founder of the Artist and Maker Market at the Grove Street PATH Plaza and can be reached via Instagram DM or on her website for custom orders or purchasing. 


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