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Is Hoboken Getting a Brewery? Here’s What You Need to Know

by Steph
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There’s nothing quite like a pint of cold beer after a  long workday or week {or any time you feel like having one, for that matter}. For all the beer lovers out there, you might be in serious luck, as Hoboken might be getting its own brewery. As many may know, the Mile Square doesn’t actually have a true-blue, fully-functioning brewery in town as of yet, which is why Bijou Properties is causing quite a stir by inquiring about brewery permits in Hoboken. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the *potential* brewery coming to Hoboken. 

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The History of Breweries in Hoboken

Of course, we have Hoboken Brewing Co., which operates out of 66 Harrison Street, but Hoboken Brewing does not have a taproom yet. According to their website:

“While a taproom is and always will be an immediate goal, there are many hurdles we must face to make this dream a reality. As a brand new company we don’t currently have the resources available for such a venture in this great city, but we’ll keep pushing and working tirelessly towards this dream. We sincerely hope to be able to directly serve you our beers as soon as possible!”

Without a taproom, that kind of leaves Hoboken sans brewery. {Although you can find their beer at local distributors using their Find Our Beer locator on their website.}

Then there’s Pilsener Haus & Biergarten, located at 1422 Grand Street in Hoboken. While they offer in-house over 70 kinds of biers {or beers}, all kinds of tequilas, whiskeys, bourbons, and scotches, and even some dining options — Bavarian pretzels, cheese assortments, etc. — Pilsener is an Austro-Hungarian restaurant + bar as they don’t make their own in-house. Read: not a brewery.

So, we’re basically back to square one. No brewery in Hoboken. Ample amounts of beer and access to beer. But breweries? None.

Until now. Now, there’s hope for the IPA-lovers.

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The Potential Brewery in Hoboken

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According to Jersey Digs, Bijou Properties submitted a request to City Council on July 18th, asking to amend the Northwest Redevelopment Plan. The change only seems to pertain to Block 80.01, Lot 1.01 — the 700 Jackson Street project that is now complete.

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So, what’s the amendment to Bijou’s request? They’re asking the city to “clarify the permitted uses on the Property, and more particularly, to clearly establish that limited breweries are a permitted use.” The ordinance apparently prohibits a potential brewery from serving food. But the ordinance does allow the property to “sell malt alcoholic beverages for either on- or off-site consumption consistent with the regulations of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission and applicable state law for a limited brewery.”

Now passed by the council, the ordinance moves on to the City of Hoboken’s planning board, which will ultimately review the proposal for the 700 Jackson Street property at a meeting on August 6th.

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More 700 Jackson Street Additions

There is more coming to the 700 Jackson Street project than just a potential brewery, however. Known as 7Seventy House, the location features a pedestrian plaza — which is being called Monroe Square — and three retail spaces. Right now, it’s not known which space Bijou is inquiring about turning into a brewery, but one space is 2,500-square feet, another is 3,675-square feet, and the last space is 5,065-square feet.

Though the movements toward a Hoboken brewery have been anything but out-in-the-open, there is a good chance that Bijou is planning to develop a brewery at the 700 Jackson Street site. After all, why would the developer go through the trouble of making the second request to amend the original ordinance?

Only time will tell, but for now, we can pray to the beer gods for a new space to drink, hang, and be merry!

What are your thoughts on a potential brewery coming to the Mile Square? Let us know below! 

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