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Graze and Braise: Paleo Food Delivery {to Hoboken and Jersey City}

by Kate Lombardo
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Healthy eating always seems to be easier to do in the summer months. As freezing temps loom around the corner, the idea of a cold salad {or juice} for dinner just doesn’t seem that appealing. But, after binge-eating Christmas cookies and peppermint schnaps these past few weeks, we’re ready to jump back on the healthy-food train for the New Year. That’s why we were so excited to try out the new, gourmet {paleo and gluten-free} food delivery service, Graze and Braiseat a recent Hoboken Girl team meeting.


One of the things that is awesome about Graze and Braise is that it truly is take-out food. So often healthy meals needs to be ordered a day or two in advance for delivery. While this is fine sometimes, it doesn’t help in a last-minute situation when you don’t have time to cook but also don’t want to chow down on fast food. Graze and Braise can be ordered on the spot and delivered {by Fastboy Delivery} within an hour. Healthy food that’s also convenient? Yes please!

Every dish on their menu is Paleo and gluten-free. They use all organic ingredients and grass-fed meats and try to source locally whenever possible. Rather than a menu filled with just lettuce wraps and salads {not that we’re knocking them; we love a good salad!}, their dishes are hearty, nutrient-dense “comfort foods” that also happen to be delicious! Necessary for a night when you want something pseudo-healthy and don’t feel like cooking/leaving the house.

So… here’s the rundown:

The Menu


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^our meal for the evening {complete with festive holiday decor!}

The Graze and Braise menu feels more like a restaurant than take-out in that they don’t offer hundreds of different options, but rather carefully-crafted, select dishes. They have a few salads and soups for starters and are also the only vegetarian options on the menu. Their main entrees all include some type of protein {beef, chicken, lamb, and pork} paired with tasty side options.  Prices are all within the $12-$15 range for entrees which is pretty reasonable for the high-quality ingredients they use. Another thing that’s nice about the menu, is that you have the option to build your own meals by individually ordering sides, proteins, salads, etc.

Golden Door Dispensary

Ordering Food

Food is available Monday-Friday from 12-9:00PM. All orders must be placed online at GrazeandBraise.com by clicking the menu item you’d like and adding it to your cart. {They’re looking to expand to weekends in the future} The food is all cooked to order and made at their commercial kitchen in Jersey City, so it takes about an hour for delivery.


The Food

All of our food arrived on time and was hot when it arrived. The presentation of the food isn’t fancy since it’s packed in to-go containers, but don’t let that deter you. The second you take a bite, you’ll totally feel like you’re eating restaurant style dishes in the comfort of your own home.



^spinach, pear, and candied pecan salad

Spinach, Pear, and Candied Pecan Salad: this dish is made with organic spinach and topped with pickled onions that are pickled in house using organic apple cider vinegar, organic spices and honey. The pecans are also candied in-house using only honey, maple syrup, and organic coconut oil. These were yum because you got a hint of sweetness from the pecans without feeling like they were totally crusted in sugar. 

Butternut Squash Bisque: this soup was seriously yummy. It’s made with roasted, organic butternut squash and some other secret veggies. Then, the soup is blended with house-made chick stock and finished with local maple syrup.


Our team all agreed that each dish sounded amazing, and we wanted to taste them all- so we decided to do a tasting and try a bite of every dish.  Which was a {verrrry} good decision. 


^our protein-packed, paleo main course options

BBQ Pulled Pork: this dish is seasoned with a house made BBQ rub using all organic spices. The pasture raised pork is seasoned with the rub and cooked slowly, bone-in for 15 hours. According to Graze and Braise, it’s then pulled by hand and served with a BBQ sauce that’s sweetened with honey and maple syrup. The pork is paired with a side of coconut mashed yams which added a nice hint of sweetness to the dish. This was sooo good–trust us, you’ll definitely want to go back for seconds!
Thick Cut Beef Brisket: the grass-fed brisket is rubbed in BBQ spices and slow cooked. Afterwards, the brisket is sliced thick and seared on both sides and then finished with a sweet mustard glaze and paired with organic cabbage. This was so tender and fell apart with the touch of a fork. 
Hearty Beef Stew: this dish is made with grass-fed beef and then thickened with pureed veggies to keep it paleo and gluten-free {most stews use flour to thicken}. It’s served with a side of maple mashed yams.
Date Braised Chicken Leg with Sweet Potato Hash: the antibiotic-free chicken in this dish literally melted off the bone.  The flavors were so well-balanced and definitely made for a team favorite. 
Lemon Ginger Cole-slaw- We ordered this as an additional side option. This dish made me a little nervous because cole-slaw is not my favorite. BUT, it is pretty light and more olive-oil-based than mayo-based. It was a really nice addition to our entrees. These salads are available in both small and entree sizes.

^the lemon ginger cole-slaw is on the right- so fresh and light!

Dessert Bites

We tested out both dessert options, and they were a really great way to end the meal. They’re definitely not the same as an ice-cream sundae {what is?!}, but energy balls are a wonderful way to satisfy a sweet tooth while sticking to the paleo-focused, healthy menu. 


^Vanilla Cashew Bite

Vanilla Cashew: this bite is made with organic dates, organic coconut shreds, and organic vanilla. The texture is a little mushy, but the flavor is really yummy. We all loved the vanilla taste and the coconut shreds were a nice touch. 

Chocolate Cashew Butter: this bite is made with organic cashews, local honey, organic dates, and coated in organic cocoa powder. This was definitely the team favorite dessert. The texture was firmer, and it felt decadent without being overly sweet. 

Special Deal

Graze and Braise has come to town, and we can’t wait to try out the rest of their menu the next time we’re craving healthy {and delicious} comfort-food takeout. They deliver to all of Hoboken and Jersey City and are offering a special deal for all HG readers so make sure to use it:

Use code: HOBOKENGIRL to get 10% off your order!

. . . . . . .

You can follow Graze and Braise on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @grazeandbraise to stay up to date on what’s cooking in their kitchen.

*This post is sponsored but all taste testing was {happily} conducted by the HG team :)

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