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15-Year-Old Hoboken Resident to Compete in International Electric Kart Race

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Ellis Spiezia is a 15-year-old Hoboken resident whose passion in life is motorsport and anything that has four wheels and goes fast. He loved cars for as long as he could remember and Ellis’s passion for racing has led him to become a respected racer. Ellis was the first American to compete in an international electric kart series. Now, he will be competing in yet another international electric kart race and is in need of local sponsors and donors to support his trip. Learn more about Elli’s racecar talent and how you could help support him in his next big endeavor.

About Ellis

Ellis spiezia hoboken electric kart racer

When Ellis isn’t in school or on the race track, he can be found around town. “There is so much to do in Hoboken and everything is so close. There are many amazing people here,” Ellis told Hoboken Girl.

“I love going to Bwe Kafe. We have known the owners for such a long time and they have some amazing drinks. Elysian Cafe has my favorite burger in town. I also spent ten years at Padilla TaeKwonDo with Master Padilla which helped me learn to focus and a lot of other great lessons I have used in racing,” he says.

Ellis spiezia

Ellis and his family have traveled all over the world to experience different tracks and dive into other cultures. “My favorite trips have been to Tokyo, Finland, Italy, and Nicaragua,” he shared.

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After graduating the eighth grade from Hamilton Park Montessori School last year, Ellis felt that he would need to take a different path of education to balance school and racing. “I’m homeschooling now and learning a lot through practical life. It allows me to travel, stay up to speed, and not miss classes. It also allows me to learn about things I’m really interested in like electrical engineering, economics, and crypto.”

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The Journey To Racing

Ellis spiezia

“For as long as I can remember, I have loved cars. It’s something I’ve had an interest in my whole life. I started going to my local indoor kart track in Jersey City and that’s when I really found my talent and passion. I also did a lot of sim and VR racing because I love gaming,” Ellis shared.

Two years ago, Ellis won a regional competition called the AEKC, which is an indoor karting competition. From there, he did a one-weekend championship in Spain for electric karts, and then in 2020, he and his family spent four months in Europe for a German electric kart series.

Ellis spiezia

If you’re wondering what electric kart racing is, it’s simple, it’s a race car that runs on electricity as opposed to gas, and has become very popular over the years. According to GoKartGuide, this is because electric motors give near-instant torque that allows them to reach the top speeds much faster. They are also very silent and give off zero emissions, making them more environmentally friendly.

“I believe electricity is the future for performance and the planet and I really took a liking to electric racing because of how new the technology is. It’s also a way to show I care for the planet while doing what I love,” the 15-year-old to us.

“E-karting {electric kart racing} is a lot easier to access and be competitive than gas racing. It’s unique in the way that the event organizer provides the karts so you can’t just buy a better engine. The driver’s talent is what counts and more people can have access to racing competitively. There are so many opportunities coming up for electric motorsport. It’s really exciting to be a part of something so new.”

Competing Internationally

Ellis spiezia

Ellis is no stranger to racing internationally, in fact, he’s ready to take on the next one! “Competing at an international level was definitely a daunting task. It was a really great feeling to drive in a series with so many talented drivers, many of who had way more experience than me and were older and had already won European championships,” he said.

Ellis spiezia

“As far as preparation, it’s a lot of sim racing and time in the gym. I use sim racing to practice the tracks before we go racing, and the gym is very important. Sometimes race days last over 12 hours and that takes a lot out of you so being fit and able to do it all again the next day is super important.”

To train locally, Ellis goes to Hudson River Athletics. “I’ve known my trainers Cody and Jay there for a really long time and we do a lot of racing-specific work for my neck strength, reaction time, and mental stamina”

Ellis spiezia

Ellis’s parents Michele and Francesco are internationally-recognized cinematographers. In fact, you may recognize some of their clients, Lin Manuel Miranda, Blake Shelton, and Chelsea Clinton. See their films here. Naturally, they are currently making a film about Ellis’s race car journey!

Ellis spiezia

“It’s been great! My parents have been making films together for 15 years and I’ve been able to go along on some amazing shoots for people like LeBron James and Matt Damon. They have always filmed everything in my life so I’m very used to being in front of the camera. It also is like an archive for me to look back on and so that people can follow my journey as I progress,” he explains.

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How You Can Help

Ellis spiezia

Unsurprisingly, racing is expensive and Ellis needs some support. A set of tires can go a long way. “I’m looking to gather a group of local sponsors to help support me in any way they can. COVID-19 has been very rough especially for small businesses and I want to make a fun and affordable way for small businesses to have a part in my career and follow along with me as I prepare to return to Europe this season!”

For more information on how to support Ellis and become a sponsor, submit your inquiry here on Ellis’s website. For updates, follow Ellis’s journey by following him on Instagram.


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