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CKO Kickboxing: All About Their Hoboken Headquarters

by Genna
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PSA: We’ve been wanting to review CKO for a while, and what better HG contributor to do so than someone who is a regular there? Our boutique/fit babe Genna shares her thoughts on CKO, below:

If you’ve ever wondered what CKO stands for, you’re in luck. After years of featuring Hoboken staples {and trying new and exciting fitness routines} we’re sharing some details on CKO Kickboxing, aka “Club Knock Out” — a 20-year-old Hoboken hot spot. Here’s the scoop on CKO, a kickboxing gym with a loyal national following, located at 900 Madison Street.

First Impression


CKO Kickboxing started as “Club Knock Out” by current CEO Joseph Andreula, who still owns the Hoboken location and CKO headquarters. As Joe himself puts it, “CKO is a community founded on the principles of helping one another achieve goals and live happy, healthy lives” – and that mission statement is something that can’t be argued. With over 80 locations nationally, CKO Hoboken was just the beginning of building a strong {literally} and loyal national following.

Walking into CKO Hoboken isn’t as intimidating as one might think. Unlike most gyms, the entrance is up a flight of stairs, rather than walking right into a giant room where everyone stares {gulp — the worst}. The front desk is right through the second floor doorway, and there is always someone there to get people signed up and ready to rumble.

When the class starts filling up, it’s obvious that people gravitate towards their usual bags {and arrive early to guarantee their spot}, but there’s totally a judgement-free vibe. The variety of people in the room are all pushing to be their best self: whether sprinting one lap or running five miles.

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Location + Convenience


For Hoboken residents uptown {or anyone west of Willow} CKO Hoboken’s convenient location at 900 Madison Street is prime. It’s not on the main street of Washington, but convenient enough to be in the same building as Shop Rite to fulfill double-duty for grocery checklist items on weekends.

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FUN FACT: Most CKO Kickboxing locations {over 80!} stemmed from CKO members wanting to start their own franchise location, proving just how much the members value the business and results.

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Studio Amenities


CKO Hoboken is spacious and bright. The staff is constantly making upgrades to the space {whether it be new bags or patching up the squishy floor tiles}, and they really do maintain a clean and pleasant workout space. Motivational signs and posters are new additions {within the past three years} and line the walls of the gym. There may not be showers in the bathrooms, but if you live in Mile Square you know the farthest walk you’ll have to a shower is only a mile.

Aside from the traditional classes in the gym, CKO Hoboken goes above and beyond in providing their services to the Hoboken community and offers multiple outdoor classes and event programs. From Under the Viaduct and Pier A classes in the summer to offering the chance to take a class in center court at Madison Square Garden, they continue providing memorable experiences for their Hoboken community.

CKO Hoboken often celebrates the positive results of their members and finds ways to give back. This February, they hosted a Punch-A-Thon {fundraising class} to help gain awareness for the American Heart Association, making an impact as a company both near and far.

Class + Crowd


There’s nothing less becoming than an unfriendly gym class that makes you feel new and uncomfortable, but that is *NOT* CKO. Their classes are tough but the people are nice — and even happy to be there. New faces are constantly emerging in the classes but there are also familiar faces who set their weekly workout routine. As always, different teachers use different styles of motivation: some classes include allotted time for sprints {or body weight drills} while others include cardio within the kickboxing class – either way, instructors are well-trained professionals looking for new ways to push the class to work their hardest.

Other than traditional kickboxing classes {which includes punches, kicks, push-ups and other cardio or body drills} CKO offers additional programs to fit a variety of needs: a wellness and nutrition program, a wedding preparation program, personal kickboxing training, team training programs for businesses and groups, birthday parties, and even corporate discount programs.

Schedule + Pricing


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Each year, CKO Hoboken has been adding classes to their already packed schedule – including a 6:30am class right after the 5:45am session to accommodate more of the early bird crowd. The morning classes tend to be long-standing CKO members and less new faces, but if you are brand new CKO urges you to show up 15 minutes early to your first class so you can get a run-down of the moves {they usually won’t let you join until you are trained!}. There are 60-minute classes every hour at night and early morning classes are typically 45 minutes, but their website and app lists the full schedule and is typically updated with accurate instructors if you’re looking for a specific teacher.

There is a monthly membership fee {like any gym}, but their year-long membership which is priced at a discounted monthly rate. Once you’re a member for a full year, the monthly rate continues and you are able to cancel at any time without penalty. *We’ve heard rumors that cancelling a membership before the end date is an extreme fiasco so this your fair warning to avoid this scenario at all costs!*

Most members pay around $80/month, but this fee includes UNLIMITED classes and the ability to use the gym space anytime during their operating hours: 5:30am-10pm Monday-Thursday (closes at 9am on Friday) and 8am/9am-6pm on Saturday/Sunday. Other than buying a $25 pair of boxing gloves and maybe wrist wraps, there’s not much else you need to be a member: other than commitment and the desire to keep improving.

Overall Experience


Genna, the author of this article, an AVID CKO-er

To be honest, we don’t know how we haven’t reviewed CKO Hoboken before. And with locations all across New Jersey {including Jersey City at 150 Bay Street} and throughout the country, we understand the cult-like following and passionate CKO gym-goers: 10/10.

For those willing to try their hardest and keep focused on technique, CKO will have you feeling strong, motivated and accomplished… and ready to take on the adventures of the day.

Are you part of the #CKOFitFam and love it?

Share your experience with us in the comments!

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