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Thrive Fitness Body, Soul + Pole Workout Class

by Genna
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If you think your cycling class is a full body workout, then you need to wrap yourself around a pole dancing class, where grace-meets-strength for a seriously empowering and inspiring fitness sesh. Recently, we unleashed a little inner vixen and headed over to Thrive Fitness {located at 333 Newark Street, Hoboken} to try out the Body, Soul, and Pole class. Be warned: this ain’t your mama’s pole dancing class {is that a thing? …only if you’re Kris Jenner}. Here’s how that went down… and around.

First Impression

The small room we entered felt quite cozy in size for a workout sitch, but the instructor and classmates were more than friendly, welcoming us with smiles. There were about eight poles, and many of our classmates were in minimal clothing {admittedly, a little intimidating}. However, once class got started, everyone was focused on their own capabilities and improvements, and nobody worried about what anyone else was wearing. 

Alexis, the owner of Thrive Fitness, popped in mid-class to greet us and to make sure we felt comfortable — and at that point in the class, we were feeling the positive effects of pole empowerment!

First Impression: 7 out of 10 – It takes guts to walk into a room full of people who already seem to know each other, but it really was totally warm and welcoming. We encourage you to join the pole community!

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Location + Convenience

Located at the classic Neumann Building, you may be surprised by the location at first because you wouldn’t expect a pole fitness class inside, but keep walking and you’ll find a spacious gym with this class hosted in a smaller side room.

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Oh, side note for those who live a great distance from the studio — one of the girls in the class was from Teaneck, NJ and appreciates the open parking, no matter what time of day — which is a true win for a business in Hoboken.

Gym Amenities

The larger area of the gym has an assortment of free weights, workout machines, and even space for a Crossfit-type of workout {plus, the larger space was relatively open on a Saturday morning — a seriously unheard of perk when it comes to fitness in Hoboken}.

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Class + Crowd

There are different levels of pole classes with various styles of instructors. Our instructor, Sammy, has background in dance so his style was smooth and rhythmic. To be fair, if you’re looking for a traditional, instructor-led, step-by-step class, then this might not be the class for you. Our experience was more of an open learning session with hands-on help from the instructor who encouraged us to push past our nervous mentalities. A definite plus for this type of fitness.

This particular weekend morning class was a mix of men and women and, once we felt more comfortable, we had the option of testing out the spinning pole {SO fun}. Other classes on their schedule include: strength focused, mixed-level, and pole choreography.

Difficulty 9 out of 10 – Arms are already sore, and pole-burn {think rug burn via pole} is a real thing.

Pricing + Schedule

After the class, the studio was in no rush to kick-us out {like some other classes that are booked back to back}. The teacher was more focused on what we got out of the class and having fun, rather than running over on time. It was a great experience, and why would he want to cut it short for those willing to stay? But, if you’re pressed on time, there is also no pressure to stay.

Psst! They are also part of our HG Deals Guide – offering one full month of unlimited classes for $79. Be sure to check out their schedule

Overall Experience

This untraditional method of working out was equally as hard {or harder} than your normal workout class, leaving us thinking that this lingering feeling of empowerment will turn into soreness as of tomorrow… and we’re not mad about it.


Have you been to Thrive Fitness? What did you think?


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