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Crunch Fitness in Hoboken {Inside: FREE 5-Day Pass + Personal Training Sesh}

by Hoboken Girl Team
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It’s back to business, folks. The holiday rush is in the rear-view mirror, the cookies in your office kitchen are gone, and — surprise — beach season will be here before you know it. We know you’re busy and we know you’re trying to save money, but we also know you want to take care of your fitness and get bikini ready. And since you can’t hide under your chunky knit sweaters forever, we’re here to tell you all about a promo for a free 5-day pass + one training session ALL FOR FREE at one of our favorite gyms in town, Crunch Fitness on 110 Sinatra Drive in Hoboken. 

Atmosphere: The Goldilocks of Gyms

Not a stuffy basement gym and not a huge overwhelming fitness complex, Crunch is juuuust right. Because the front and back are flanked by floor to ceiling windows, the whole space feels open and airy so you’re never suffocated when working out. The floor is busy with members, but it never feels overcrowded, and even during peak hours, you won’t need to wait too long for a machine. The walls and decor are colorful  {but not obnoxious neon}, the music is upbeat {but not blasting}, and the staff are accessible since they’re not pushy or intimidating. The one thing Crunch lacks {and we’re okay with this} is the grunting bros you’ll meet at other gyms who monopolize 17 machines at one time {you know the type}. Regardless of your fitness level, you’ll feel comfortable working towards your goals here.

And remember the part about the windows? The front looks out at the Hudson River and NYC skyline. It’s motivation enough to have an excuse to take a walk {or dare we say, a jog?} down that way everyday.

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The Classes: Something for Everyone {Even if You Don’t Like Classes}

Yoga, barre, weights, circuit or athletic training, Zumba, and targeted body part classes {we’re lookin’ at you Ass + Abs}, if you want it, they offer it. There are over 100 classes at the Hoboken location. If you’re into cycle, you need to take a look at their “ride room” because it literally resembles a private entertainment center. When you’re cycling, you’re alone and in the zone {and by alone, we mean surrounded by other sweaty cyclists and an inspirational instructor}, but there are no windows, so you really get into your workout. If you’re tired of traditional spin, try their Party Ride class which includes “specially choreographed sections that rival any dance competition”.

Classes not your thing? When it’s empty, use the open studio to do your own circuit or free weight training. This room is surrounded by mirrors and windows, so it’s bright and spacious, but still set apart from the main floor so you don’t feel like people are watching you workout {don’t lie, this is uncomfortable at some other gyms}.

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The Trainers: Time to Get Personal

Real talk — the trainers at Crunch have some of the highest regarded {and toughest + rarest} certifications to obtain. You’d be hard pressed {see what we did there?} to find some of these certs at other gyms in the area. If you think this isn’t important, go for the free training session they’re offering now, and you’ll immediately understand what makes these fitness professionals a step above.

Before ever touching a weight or breaking a sweat, you’ll have an in-depth conversation about your lifestyle, goals, and habits and you’ll go through an entire movement assessment to see where you may have potential issues. At Crunch, they’re not just about working you hard so you sweat a lot — they’re about helping you learn how to reach your fitness goals in a healthy and safe way. THAT’S when you really see long term changes. Oh, and did we mention they’re offering a training session for FREE? Make sure to click here to redeem it.

The Perks: Hello, Spa Treatment

All of this hard work and sweating deserves a reward, so we’ll keep this short and sweet — towel service, saunas, steam room, Bliss Spa products, an online app to reserve classes, a stellar view of NYC, classes on Pier A, and some seriously adorable Crunch swag… do we really need to give you anymore reasons to join?

The Takeaway: It’s a Membership You’ll Actually Use.

If gym membership prices usually cause you to second guess, just know that with Crunch Fitness, you definitely get your money’s worth {and then some} since workout options are pretty much unlimited. And since we all love a good deal, don’t miss out on your FREE 5-day trial and training session to see what they’re all about.

Oh, and huge shout out to the awesomely friendly front desk staff. It’s tough getting your butt to the gym in the morning or finding the energy to go after work, but a perky hello when you walk in the doors is the first step to a good workout. It won’t take you long to notice what makes this a very different fitness experience, and that’s what will keep you coming back and committed to your #fitlife goals. See you at Crunch!

This post is sponsored, but our writer has been a member of Crunch for over a year and goes almost every morning before 6AM. With free workouts and personal training, stop in soon to find your Crunch time.



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