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City of Hoboken Approves Plans for Brewery Uptown

by Stephanie Spear
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A vacant lot at 1415 Adams Street in uptown Hoboken doesn’t look like much now, but owner Bill Schmitt has big plans for the space. He and his wife Maren are co-owners of Schmitty’s Bar and Otok Bakery, and now have their sights set on building a brewery. A recent vote by the Hoboken Planning Board means the plans are moving forward. The Hoboken Girl got to chat with Bill exclusively to learn more about the plans. Read on for more about the brewery coming to Hoboken.

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About The Team

Bill and Maren Schmitt are Hoboken residents and business owners. They opened Schmitty’s at 359 1st Street in 2021, and the Otok Bakery in 2023. Both businesses have Hoboken heritage in their DNA: Schmitty’s is in space that was the Nag’s Head Pub for 20 years, and Otok Bakery is in the space that used to be the iconic bakery, Dom’s. Schmitty’s is a laid-back neighborhood spot known for its dog-friendly backyard. The mahogany bar that was a focal point of the Nag’s Head Pub is still there.


Otok Bakery is carrying the legacy of Dom’s into the 21st century with its high-quality bread and other baked goods. Maren and her sister-in-law Amanda Schmitt run the bakery, which opened on Frank Sinatra’s birthday, naturally. Several of Dom’s former employees are part of the Otok team, including Juan and Lupe who worked with Dom for over 25 years.

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Otok Bakery serves up coffee, pastries, baked goods, breakfast sandwiches made with thick-cut bacon in the oven, and Dom’s line of famous breads, as well as pizzas served at night. The oven is coal-fired and the coal only comes from Pennsylvania, which is delivered every two weeks. The spot will also be selling to restaurants and has a full-time pastry chef.

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Looking Ahead

Bill shared that the space at 1415 Adams Street will become a three-story brewery. “We’ve owned the land for two years and have already been working on approvals,” he said. The facility will have beer brewing on-site in addition to multi-purpose space for visitors. “We want to focus on the experience at the location. in terms of business model, we want to make sure that people step in with the brewery and it unforgettable.”

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The plans for the yet-to-be-named brewery call for an 80-foot-tall building with three stories. The entryway will have 25-foot-high ceilings. But, there are still many layers of approval to go through with the City, Bill said. “We have to build it from scratch. It will be two to three years,” he said. “We are working through the preliminary approvals.”


In addition to getting construction underway, Bill also has to solve the problem of finding a brewer to work with. “We are not brewers, so we are looking to hire brewmasters and start from scratch or partner with an existing brewery,” he said. “We are working on finding the right partner to bring it to life on the business side of things.”

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^ Bill (center) visiting a Bavarian brewery

“My wife is Bavarian and we’ve visited breweries there for ideas,” he said. But mainly, Bill wants the brewery to be a destination for visitors of all ages. “We want the 2nd floor to be more of a lounge area. We are working on getting a liquor license so we can have food and TVs.”

“We have two young kids, 4 and 3 years old. I want to create a safe environment, where kids can run around but it’s still a brewery. I’ve toured some breweries already in North Jersey where you feel a little uncomfortable because so much of the equipment is exposed. lots of metal etc.,” he said. “Our space will be glass-enclosed, the workings will be a focal point for attention but the area will be inaccessible to kids.”

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“We are approaching the brewery is almost a reverse of what many people have done, go to a cheap location, brew a ton of beer and then fight for space on the shelf, on taps,” Bill said. “We’re doing the opposite, getting a great location, serving excellent beer and then expanding. emphasis on quality for people here in Hoboken and then we’ll figure it out.”

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Spring 2024 Update 

At a May 7th meeting of the Hoboken Planning Board, the plans for the brewery were approved unanimously, according to Bill.  “We’re excited,” he said. “It’s all systems go.” 

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