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Attain Medspa: A Self-Care Haven in Hoboken

by Danielle Lynch
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Self-care should be a priority, but unfortunately, so many of us slack off when it comes to indulging in some personal time. But fear not, as Attain Medspa can help. Located on the fourth floor of The Monroe Center {702 Monroe Street, Hoboken}, the recently-opened Attain Medspa is working with clients to provide skincare treatments that show results, are affordably priced, and are easy to maintain. We sat down with Lauren Ben-Meir, owner of Attain, to learn more about what she and her team have to offer clients and how she is changing the face {pun intended} of skincare for the better. Read on to learn more about Attain Medspa — a self-care haven in Hoboken. 

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About Lauren

attain medspa lauren

Lauren came into this role by way of food. She was getting into wellness when her best friend’s husband was opening his private plastic surgery practice about 15 years ago. She helped him set up the office, meet with patients, and was excited for her first experience in cosmetics and aesthetics. “It was something I was always fascinated by but I knew it was a big expense to maintain that lifestyle,” Lauren explained. “I kept thinking of how I could provide that same level of service while still making it affordable.”

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And although you’d never know it by looking at her gorgeous skin, Lauren always struggled with cystic acne. Doctors only wanted to prescribe her an antibiotic or topical treatments that had side effects worse than the actual acne. She didn’t know what good skincare was. We have all found ourselves thinking that the harshest products do the best work but that’s not always the case. Like most of us, Lauren floated between having short periods of clear skin and full-on breakouts. “I would go for laser treatments that I couldn’t maintain nor could I take off work to recover.” It was a different story for her once she figured out what worked for her skin. She stuck with it and is now helping others to achieve gorgeous skin, too.

About Attain

Lauren and her husband, Dr. Ron Ben-Meir, a Spine and Sport Physician, opened Attain Medspa together. They came up with this idea after adding  PRP {Platelet Rich Plasma} hair restoration to his practice. When they realized that Hoboken had nothing in the area offering such services, the idea continued to blossom. With the addition of some other cosmetic procedures such as Botox, the need for a space grew and grew. And with that, Attain Medspa was born. 

Attain Medspa’s values are deeply rooted in providing the best care that is affordable and easy to maintain. Lauren made a commitment to her clients to only introduce treatments that she has tried and believes in. She makes sure that the menu of services are affordable and can be maintained by clients. “Your skin can affect every part of your day and how you feel about yourself,” said Lauren. “It’s my mission to help people be more confident in the skin they are in.” Consistency is key and at Attain, the staff wants everyone who walks through that door to be able to treat themselves without dropping their entire paycheck. “If your skincare is consistent, your skin will improve greatly. It doesn’t have to be expensive,” preached Lauren.

The Services 

On the menu of services, Attain offers an array of cosmetic treatments from facials to chemical peels to Botox and fillers. The Hydrafacial is a popular choice that resembles microdermabrasion but is less harsh and abrasive. It is basically a “wet vac” for your skin. This is recommended for those who need exfoliation and might have post-acne scars, dead skin, or are in need of a deep clean. It is not recommended for those with active acne as it might spread and irritate the skin more. 

jet peel facial hoboken

^  Prepping for the JetPeel! 

Another favorite is the JetPeel, which is a compressor machine that pushes micro-droplets through the dermis {the middle layer of skin} to deliver treatment to the skin. It is great for lymphatic drainage as well as deeply penetrating the boosters needed for each individual person. It also works well paired with other facials. 

Recently, Danielle from Team HG visited Attain Medspa for a dermaplaning and Vi Chemical Peel cocktail. “First, they cleansed my skin and dermaplaned it to get rid of the peach fuzz and dead skin that was making me look dull. Then, Angelica applied the Vi Peel with Precision Plus to help improve some post-acne scars as well as the texture and clarity of my skin. It took a few days to peel and now I have a healthy glow and can go out without makeup, which I would never do.”

In addition to that, Attain has different fillers and injectables available for treating every part of the face, including Botox, Juvederm, Versa, and more. Also available is needle-less PRP {Plasma Rich Platelet} hair restoration, and brow shaping/tinting. For more information and a full menu of services, visit Attain Medspa’s website

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The best way to schedule an appointment is to use Attain’s website. The full menu is listed and appointments can be made to fit any schedule. While the website requires a deposit for all bookings, the deposit will go directly to the cost of the service received. Lauren and her team strive to make every visit comfortable, affordable, and efficient. “We don’t want you to drop your entire paycheck or your whole day here. We just want you to look and feel like your best self.” 

Are you planning to visit Attain Medspa? Tell us in the comments below! 

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