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7 Tips for Doing an At-Home Men’s Haircut

by Chloe Riley
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Even if we are all living off diets of White Claw and chicken nuggets and are #livingourbestlives, there is no denying that our hair has probably grown a lot since everything was shut down. Some, like Jersey City’s very own Mayor Fulop, have embraced their beards and shaggier ‘dos, while many others caution that this is not a time for cutting bangs at home

Now, although salons and barbershops are allowed to reopen on June 22nd {our roots are thankful}, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself or the man in your life a quick touch-up before the doors reopen. Here are few tips for attempting a men’s at-home haircut. 

Cover the Floor

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As Dashboard Confessional {and our 16-year-old selves} have been known to scream, “Your hair is everywhere.” Make sure you grab some towels to put down to limit the mess during your at-home haircut. Cutting a hole in a garbage bag and tightening at the top around the neck offers a good option to allow the hair to fall directly to the ground and also to keep your {victim} client from touching their hair during the cut.

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Stay Away From Craft or Kitchen Scissors

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While we are all in a pinch right now, it is important to not make things worse. Using craft or kitchen scissors will actually create split ends. It is recommended to snag some thinning scissors or clippers, which are often included in hair trimming kits.

Dampening Depends On The Type Of Hair

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For finer, straight hair, dampen it with water. As you will likely be taking your time during this process, grab a cup of water beside you so you can continue to dampen as you go in case the hair dries. This is also a fun way to look the part. For curly hair, it is better to cut it dry. 

Start With A Higher Number First

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While most men know the number you should be setting their trimmer to, when in doubt start with a higher number and work your way down. This is counter to the way most barbers work, but given this might be your first time dabbling into barbering, don’t let it go to your head {pun intended}. Start with an eight and if it doesn’t take any length off, move to a seven, and so on.

Start With The Neck

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Cleaning up the neck may be one of the easier areas to tackle during the haircut. Start by combing down the hair on the back of the head. Then use electric hair clippers, a beard trimmer or even a simple razor to shave down the neck, in the direction the hair grows. Start a little lower than where you want to end up to practice. When you are more comfortable, make a line where the hair meets the neck. If you are using a trimmer, you may want to use shaving cream afterward and do another round of shaving to clean up any stubble the trimmer might have missed.

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Move To The Ears

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Another area which is particularly annoying when grown out is around the ears. For this section, comb all the hair straight down over the ear. Then, cautiously, have the trimmers go towards the back of the head following the ear shape as you go. If you are using scissors, use your fingers or have the man whose hair you’re cutting hold their hand above the ear as an extra layer of protection.

Section The Hair

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While it is recommended not to attempt a full-on haircut at home, if you are feeling extra comfortable to move on, make sure you part the hair with a comb to separate the top from the sides first. This will allow you to follow the hairline and cut the sides shorter while keeping the top longer. Here, again, an eight guard is recommended around the whole head.

And when in serious doubt, there is always YouTube. 

Have you performed an at-home haircut yet? Let us know your tips in the comments!


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