• Wilton House: Hoboken’s Hidden Dive Bar on Newark Street

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    Some nights, you want to go out and have a wild evening – loud music, dancing, crazy cocktails {and a pretty high bar tab that we’re just going to ignore}. On the nights when the vibe is a bit more chilled out, Wilton House is the place to go. Wilton House, located at 58 Newark Street, is what one would find if he or she looked up dive bar in the dictionary. It is a no-frills spot with a few beers on tap and cheap shots, a dedicated cadre of locals, and of course a jukebox. Keep reading to learn more about Wilton House, Hoboken’s Hidden Gem dive bar on Newark.

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    The Backstory

    Originally owned by the third mayor of Hoboken, George W. Morton, when it was a cigar store, Wilton House has been a staple in town for over 100 years. The cigar store was changed over into the Wilton House that we know today in 1898 and has been a bar where locals of all backgrounds can gather ever since. The clientele is a mix of firemen/police, college students, businesspeople — all of the above. And with the bar opening at 8:30AM  every day {except Sunday, when they open at 11:00AM}, it’s possible to see someone grabbing a quick drink before hopping on the Path to get to work.

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    The Owners

    The current owners, Deedee and Ron, have been there for over thirty years, along with longtime bartender Jack — all of whom are Hoboken natives and absolutely lovely to chat with. Make sure to say hello when stopping in! Ron, who previously worked for the New Jersey Devils, boasted that Wilton House is the only bar in Hoboken to have had the Stanley Cup in the bar twice — when the Devils won in 1995 and again in 2000.

    What to Expect

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    Visitors, make sure you have cash as Wilton House is a cash-only establishment {but all that’s needed is $20 to have a great night out here}. The drinks are so inexpensive too {$2.75 for a draft beer, score!}.

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    In true dive bar fashion, there is no food menu at Wilton House, but guests are steps away from tons of places to grab a quick bite to eat. Head to the famous Carlo’s Bakery, for those looking for something sweet.

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    The Final Verdict

    Here’s the final verdict on this hidden gem in. Hoboken.

    Perfect for: Pregaming a big night out or rubbing shoulders with a variety of Hoboken locals.

    Skip it if: You’re looking to try some new experimental cocktails or dance the night away.

    What to get: Whatever’s on tap.

    Things to know: It’s cash only, be prepared to meet an interesting mix of locals.

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