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A Dolphin Was Spotted in Hoboken + Other Local Wildlife Sightings

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Yes, we live in a concrete jungle of sorts (with some parks mixed in) and occasionally see a skunk, possum, or goose — but Hoboken + Jersey City have also been home to some more exciting wildlife spottings. Just yesterday, a dolphin was spotted in Hoboken splashing around in the Hudson River. Of course, if you’re a Jersey City reservoir visitor or a frequenter of Liberty State Park, you know this isn’t totally a freak occurrence and that there are wildlife spottings here and there. After all, Hoboken was once an island and known for its snapping turtles.

The one silver lining to these pandemic times, if there is any — is that science is pointing toward the Earth healing itself. Reports of improved air pollution are already coming in. So the happy note to focus on here is that the Earth is, arguably, thriving during this very, very different time. As fewer people are out using transportation, humans have been making significantly fewer emissions, and wildlife is feeling pretty comfortable about taking some casual walks around the neighborhood. We’re sharing below a few of the local Hudson County wildlife sightings that have happened in Hoboken, Jersey City, and Weehawken. 

1. Dolphin in the Hudson River

dolphin hudson river hoboken nj

(Photo credits: @hobocobo)

On June 21st, 2022, a dolphin was spotted swimming along the Hudson River by some kayakers. The Hoboken Boathouse captured this awesome moment on Instagram.

2. Sturgeon in Hudson River

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This fascinating-looking creature was spotted in June of 2021. Though many readers theorized that the animal was some sort of sea monster, it ended up being a rare sturgeon — which is a great sign that the Hudson River waters are growing cleaner for aquatic life.

3. Eagles on Grand Street

eagle spotting hoboken nj

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Spotted by an eagle-eyed (yes, had to) reader, the two eagles were visible on Grand Street by many Hoboken residents.

4. A Baby Seal by the Hudson River

seal sighting hoboken nj

A sighting of a Grey Seal pup on the shores of the Hudson River in Hoboken was quite the talk of the town.

5. A Baby Deer in the Hudson River (don’t worry, she was saved!)

baby deer spotting hoboken nj

In a rather nerve-wracking turn of events, a baby deer was spotted swimming in the Hudson River. She was saved by local police by boat, who set her free to roam in the streets (which, hopefully, is safe… ).

6. A Hawk Eating a Squirrel Above a Powerline

7. Two deer on 11th and Jefferson

deer hoboken 1 deer hoboken 2

8. A Whale in the Hudson River

9. A Turtle Washed Ashore at Maxwell Place

turtle in Hoboken

Photo Credit: Mark Perry

On August 3rd, local resident Mark Perry posted in a Hoboken Facebook group that a turtle was spotted on the Maxwell Place beach. Tragically, the turtle was confirmed dead, and removed by a Marine Rescue volunteer.

A Humpback whale was spotted swimming in the Hudson River in between Hoboken + Manhattan’s piers in December of 2020. Turns out that the whale was identified by a New York-based marine education group.

Just like Nat Geo.

And that’s the current list from recent sightings, but if you’ve seen more within the urban confines of our area, submit it to us via [email protected].

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