What’s {Good} Here: The Muscadine Ganache from Sook Chocolate & Pastry

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Sounds fancy. But shouldn’t Valentine’s Day be just a little bit fancy? And a lot a bit {like, mostly} chocolate? BEHOLD…



Fine, handmade Sook Chocolate. Made right here in New Jersey and ready to be ordered…these delicacies are the work of Keum Sook {of Sook Pastry in Ridgewood, NJ} and Bertin Ventura {of the famous Payard in NYC}.

Yes. We tried them all in one sitting and decided the one you MUST try for Valentine’s Day {or Galentine’s Day or any day} is the Muscadine Ganache.



It’s like no piece of dark chocolate I’ve ever had. They’re not perfectly shaped or dotted with gold leaf. No. Please. They’re hand rolled Valrhona Dark Chocolate with pralines, and Grand Marnier. Smooth. Seductive. The perfect bite.

So now you know! There’s a fine, French chocolate factory right here in our home state. Order off their website. Or, if you’d rather visit and try these delights in person, take a trip to Sook Pastry in Ridgewood.


What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? We can’t get enough. Tell us below.

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