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Where to Take Virtual Language Lessons in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Yiwei Gu
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The COVID-19 lockdown has led many people to take up self-improvement hobbies. Alongside knitting and baking, many have also picked up intellectual projects, such as learning a foreign language. Although the lockdown has thrown many of our travel plans into disarray, taking this time to practice a foreign language is actually a great way to prepare for your next trip — sometimes even a few simple sentences can transform a disoriented tourist into an informed traveler. 

There are many language learning resources out there, each with their own features and advantages. Duolingo, for example, integrates many game-like interactive elements into practicing a language, while Babbel provides more explanations of vocabulary usage and grammar. Those who believe in the “old way” can, of course, pick up a textbook and repeat after a cassette. These solo efforts are all essential for language learning, but sometimes it can be extremely helpful to have a human teacher who can answer questions, correct errors, and point out where to improve. In fact, there are many local tutors and language schools that are able to help. Read on to find out what local resources are available to learn a new language. 

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Learn Language Hoboken, {450 7th Street Lower, Apartment 1E, Hoboken}

Hoboken’s local language school offers group and private lessons in multiple languages including Italian, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic at various proficiency levels. The teachers, many of whom are native speakers, are not only proficient in the languages themselves but also knowledgeable about the societies and cultures of the countries where the languages are spoken. The adult group classes {three to 12 people} run on weekday nights from Monday to Thursday. For those who prefer a more personalized curriculum and flexible schedule, there are also private or semi-private lessons available. Students looking for language lessons the school does not regularly offer {such as German, Hindi, or ESL} can also get in touch, and most likely a teacher would be quickly found. Classes will be held online until at least August {summer group classes enrollment is now open here}, and in-person classes will resume when businesses reopen.

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Tongyan Language School {18 Park Avenue, Jersey City}

This Jersey City language school provides Asian language classes at different proficiency levels to children of various ages. It started as a Chinese language school seeking to improve young children’s communication skills, and since then, the school has added Korean classes and various art and culture programs {such as math, chess, art, and sports} to its curriculum. The teachers are all native speakers with years of experience in early childhood education, and the classes are supplemented with homework {which is easy and fun}, follow-ups, and feedback. The school has also been active in community affairs. For example, every year around the Lunar New Year, it organizes a series of cultural events in Hudson County. Classes are currently held online until further notice. 

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Language Learning Network {Virtual Based}

The school specializes in language education for K-12 students. Its teachers have extensive language teaching experiences in high schools and colleges in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The school is able to tailor its language lessons to the classroom structure the young students are familiar with, including Reggio, charter, Catholic, and Montessori. Additionally, for language education professionals, the school also offers a subscription service that gives them access to lesson plans, exercise material, as well as teacher professional development resources in multiple languages.

Bhawna Panwar {Local Hindi and French Teacher}

Bhawna Panwar, a language education expert and culture enthusiast, is now offering Hindi and French lessons online. She was born and raised in Delhi, India, and is fluent in Hindi, English, and French. With advanced degrees in both education and French-language education, she has been teaching Hindi and French for more than ten years, both in India and the U.S., and has been recognized by various education institutions for her students’ achievements. Now she is the lead Hindi Teacher at Jersey City’s Primary Prep School. Bhawna is passionate about the Hindi language, commenting, “I have extensive personal experience with the Hindi culture and possess a strong grasp of Hindi teaching practices.” Students who are interested to learn more about Hindi or French can reach out to her at [email protected] + inquire about virtual sessions.

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Ruoran’s Mandarin One by Ruoran Huang {Local Chinese Teacher}

For students who are interested in learning Chinese, especially those who have already had some basic knowledge of the language and are seeking to bring their proficiency to a new level, Ruoran’s Mandarin One might be the place. Its founder, Ruoran Huang, is trained in East Asian languages, literature, and linguistics, and has been teaching Chinese at various proficiency levels at Fordham University, Hunter College, as well as many private and public high schools in New York City and New Jersey. She is also experienced in helping students who need to improve their Chinese skills in a short time for travel, work, or other professional development purposes. Students can reach out to her at [email protected]. Right now classes are held online, and in-person classes will also be available when the lockdown lifts.

Beshoy Fadel {Local Arabic Tutor}

Beshoy Fadel, a local resident, is now offering Arabic tutoring to those interested. A pharmacist by profession, he is passionate about Arabic, his native language, and is eager to connect with other local residents, especially college students, who are also interested in this language. Interested Arabic learners can reach out to him at [email protected] + inquire about virtual sessions.

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Hindi USA Jersey City School {143 Romaine Avenue, Jersey City}

Hindi USA, The New Jersey founded organization, has more than 40 affiliated schools across the country, and one of them is located in Jersey City. The school provides Hindi lessons to children of various age groups and proficiency levels. To better accommodate non-Indian students as well as students of Indian origin but live abroad, the school has developed its own curriculum and teaching material based on years of experience teaching Indian American school children. Other than language teaching, the school also tries to familiarize students with Indian arts, history, and current events. Classes are held online during the lockdown until further notice.

Which of these language classes will you be taking? Let us know in the comments!


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