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The Viral Hoboken Rescue Dog, Milo, Who Stole the Internet’s Heart

by Risha Jagadish
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One of the hottest stars on social media lives right here in Hoboken. He’s gone viral with over 30 million views and 170K reshares, and he does it all without speaking. This silent wonder is Milo, a Hoboken pup whose happy walks have charmed viewers worldwide. Milo is a 13 lb ball of golden fluff whose playful hops have residents bouncing with excitement, and social media users grinning with joy. Read on for more about Milo and his Hoboken life with owner Alicia Roche.

Journey to Hoboken

Milo’s owner, Hoboken resident Alicia Roche, first saw Milo on Instagram when a friend was fostering him through Wise Animal Rescue, a New Jersey-based foster rescue organization committed to saving animals of all ages and breeds from situations where they are no longer desired or receiving adequate care.

milo hoboken dog viral instagram alicia roche

Photo Credit: Alicia Roche

Spotting him on her friend’s Instagram story was like love at first sight, and she just knew she had to send in an adoption application ASAP.  “Milo is a mix of Bichon Frise and Poodle and was adopted when he was 4 months old. I created an Instagram page for him back in December 2023 as a way of documenting his journey and sharing playful videos with close friends and family, ”says Alicia.

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The Viral Video

The video that has been trending on social media shows Milo hopping on his feet to greet people during his evening walk around town.


Spreading joy one hop at a time

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“During our initial walks, I observed that he would often jump with excitement when he saw people. At first, I was concerned about how others might react, but almost always, they would break into smiles and approach him with a big grin. That is when I started recording these videos as a memory for myself, until one day, I decided to put these together and post them on social media to share with my few hundred followers. Little did I expect for it to go viral the way it has!” says Alicia.

milo hoboken dog viral instagram

Photo Credit: @milo_thepoochon

The video garnered over one million views within 24 hours on TikTok. Comment sections are flooded with people from all over sharing similar experiences, or narrating stories about how this light and heartwarming video is exactly what they needed at the end of a long day. 



Milo’s Journey Around the Mile Square

Although Alicia has lived in the area for the past five years, she shares that the town has a whole new meaning now. “I would stay cooped up inside my apartment most of the day, but since Milo has come into my life, he’s given me a chance to be more extroverted and enjoy the present moment. Our favorite spot to hang out is the Church Square Dog Park where he loves running around with his fur buddies and getting all the pampering from the dog’s parents around. Another frequent hang-out spot is the hot dog stand on Jefferson and 4th” says Alicia. 

milo hoboken dog viral instagram hot dog stand

Photo Credit: @milo_thepoochon

It’s said that happiness is contagious — so when you see this bundle of joy hopping towards you next time, don’t forget to greet him. 

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