All About New Vegan Restaurant, Gaia + Loki, in Jersey City

Calling all vegans! Back in February 2021, Hoboken Girl got word that a new vegan restaurant was opening up in Jersey City located at 346 Grove Street. The new eatery is called Gaia + Loki and six months later, it is ready to open its doors to the public on August 4th. Read on to learn what we know so far about the new restaurant — which will be opening in downtown Jersey City.

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What We Know

The new vegan restaurant Gaia + Loki is opening a brick and motor location in downtown Jersey City at 346 Grove Street.

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There is no word on what patrons can expect to see on the menu, but if the logo is any indication, there will be plenty of greens. The official Instagram account hasn’t shared any sneak peeks of the interior or menu items, however, it did post that it’s looking to hire a pizza maker!

HDSID posted a photo of the storefront on Instagram:


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While the Hudson County area — and much of the country — was a vegan food desert, Gaia + Loki joins the vegan ranks with Vegan AF, Subia’s Vegan Cafe, and Plant Base in Jersey City as well as Happy Vegans in Hoboken — all fully vegan spots.

The pandemic, while causing a lot of changes in the restaurant landscape, still has seen a variety of businesses opening their doors despite the tough times.

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