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What’s Happening at Uptown Pizzeria in Hoboken?

by Hoboken Girl Team
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On the night of Monday, April 1st, The Hoboken Girl received a DM saying that Uptown Pizzeria, located at 54 14th Street in Hoboken, was closed. We then found that the pizzeria’s number had been disconnected and online ordering was temporarily paused — and shortly after, a source close to the business confirmed with us that the Hoboken pizzeria was indeed closed. Upon further investigation, a paper trail on the project dates back to early 2023 with different governing bodies within the City government. Most recently, the HG team noticed a water service termination notice on the door this week. Read on for what we know about the closure of Uptown Pizzeria in Hoboken, New Jersey.

What We Know

At 7:21PM on Monday, April 1st, HG received a DM from a reader, saying “Just saw that Uptown Pizza was closed and it looked like it may be permanent.” There have been rumors swirling that it was closing for months, but had not been confirmed officially.

We tried calling Uptown Pizzeria to confirm or deny the news, but were met with a Verizon message saying that the call could not be completed, and the line was dead. We then called the pizza spot’s presumable sister location in Dumont, called Uptown Pizzeria II, but the employees were not able to confirm or deny that the Hoboken location had closed.

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Upon walking by Uptown Pizzeria on the afternoon of April 2nd, 2024, it definitely looked like the restaurant was closed for good. There was nothing inside but pizza boxes, no refrigeration, and there was no one inside, and certainly no one making pizza.

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Another local business owner also confirmed with HG that the Uptown Pizzeria is indeed closed, that the building is getting knocked down, and that there will be rental apartments next door.

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The February 27th, 2024 Hoboken Zoning Board meeting agenda had an item for the property located at 54 14th Street. The summary of the project was stated: The applicant proposes to build a six-story mixed-use development with ground floor and basement-level commercial spaces and residential dwelling units on each upper floor, for a total of five dwelling units.

The application materials included renderings for the proposed building, elevation studies, a traffic impact study, and other materials for the board’s consideration. Other correspondence between the project applicant and the City dates back to early 2023. The Hoboken Girl team has reached out to representatives of the project to learn more about the anticipated timing for these changes and will update this piece when we hear back.

A further source in the building department shared with us that the owner of the building is apparently looking to replace it with high-rise condos, and has applied to do so, which is evidenced in the Zoning Board meeting agenda.

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Most recently, a member of the HG team walked by the location, and saw a water service termination on the door. See the photo below.

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We will keep you updated as any other updates are made available about Uptown Pizzeria’s Hoboken location. In the meantime, follow @thehobokengirl on Instagram + TikTok for the latest Hoboken and Jersey City news, and sign up for our newsletter that shares all of our top stories to your inbox here.

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