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Tour de Pumpkin Spice: 4 Hoboken Coffee Shops For Your Fall Latte Fix {Part One}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Yes, Starbucks may be “over” the PSL because they were called out for putting chemicals in them {PSL = pumpkin spice latte abbreviation for newbies}, but we’re definitely not. Maybe it’s because the local shops are serving them and not a chain, or maybe because pumpkin just tastes so damn good and being a “basic bitch” doesn’t phase us {more to come on our thoughts about this term later, FYI}. So, we sent some of our contributing authors and caffeine lovers {Tiffany and Sam} to taste test some coffee hot spots and give us the scoop. We’ve broken it down for you with decaf, milk alternatives, price, and our overall thoughts. Regardless of how you like your lattes, here are a few of the early birds of the pumpkin spice latte game that remind us that fall is here {in a cup}!

1. City of Saints Vanilla Cinnamon Latte

city of saints coffee hoboken fall spice latte hoboken girl

City of Saints has a fall beverage but they aren’t entertaining the pumpkin craze. Proud of their locally roasted Madagascar vanilla coffee beans, their Vanilla cinnamon latte is the seasonal treat du jour. This is a nice {and delicious} alternative to those who want something more flavorful than their usual coffee but don’t want the spice of pumpkin.

Price: $4.25 for a small

Decaf Option: Yes

Alternative milks: Almond, soy

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Latte Art: City of Saints does a nice job of their latte art. Nothing super fancy, but latte art nonetheless!

Tiff’s Notes: Obviously not pumpkin-crazed, but still a delicious spin with some traditional fall flavors. A tad expensive compared to the other options below, but still very delicious. This is a quick in and out spot/coffee bar {it’s very small inside}, so definitely good for the PSL-er on the go.

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2. Ganache Pump-kat Latte

hoboken girl ganache coffee pumpkin spice latte

Who doesn’t love a good dash of spice in your morning beverage come this time of year? Ganache’s Pump-Kat latte, truly tastes like fall without the syrupy aftermath. This latte doesn’t forget its roots and is careful to not overpower the double shot of espresso that caffeine lovers will be looking for.

Pump-Kat Latte’s Ingredients:

French vanilla
Regular Milk
2 espresso shots

Price: $3.85 for small

Decaf option: Yes

Alternative Milks: Almond, soy

Latte Art: Ganache doesn’t do latte art per say, but they do a nice job of adding whipped cream and delicious spices!

Tiff’s Notes:
Not too sweet. Tastes like fall. Has a bit of spice but doesn’t overpower the caffeine taste which is enjoyable. A great spot with free wifi to do some work!


3. Bwe Kafe Fall Spice Latte

bwe kafe pumpkin spice latte

This mid-uptown spot is proudly serving pumpkin spice, and it’s really ridiculous melt-in-your-mouth fall situation, FYI.  bwe is the perfect spot to hang out and read a book or bring a computer to get work done. The music is great, the smells are energizing, and the coffee is fantastic.

Price: $ for a small

Decaf Option: Yes

Alternative milks: Almond, soy

Latte art: +1 for being pretty: bwe kafe definitely knows their latte art! They take such care in making their lattes – they always turn out beautifully, so it’s just a plus when they happen to taste amazing too. Gorgeous!

Sam’s Notes: When they started serving their fall spice latte, I used it as an excuse to post up and spend the morning there. I am not exaggerating when I say it was one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had. It’s a heavenly combination of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other amazing fall flavors. Just the right amount of sweet and indulgent.  I’d recommend stopping by and grabbing one (or two).


4. Empire Coffee & Tea Pumpkin Spice Latte {Iced or Regular}

empire coffee pumpkin spice latte


Empire Coffee & Tea takes the ambiance of a coffee shop to a new level. This local shop has a huge variety of fall coffee bean flavors – pumpkin, cinnamon, salted caramel, hazelnut, butterscotch, and graham cracker, just to name a few.

Price: $4.00 for a small

Decaf Option: Yes

Alternative milks: Almond, soy

Latte art: None to speak of, but that doesn’t mean the taste is at all affected 🙂

Sam’s Notes: For my first cup of the season, I went for the traditional pumpkin — and because I’m not willing to give up summer just yet, I got it iced. It was really tasty and although I wish it had a tad more pumpkin flavor, it got the job done. Next time I’ll ask for a pump of pumpkin flavoring – but trying it the natural way {pumpkin spice infused in the beans} was really great. {Editor’s note: this is actually just a pumpkin flavored bean, but empire’s pumpkin spiced latte is quite amazing as well!}


A major thank you to our coffee taste-testers, Tiffany and Sam! Part Two Coming Soon.

What is your favorite local jaunt for a PSL?

Pumpkins forever,


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