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How to Avoid Being Burned Out by the Local Dating Scene

by Single Society
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Nowadays, people have more dating options than ever before. But while, in many ways, it can be a good thing (yay choices!), all the left and right swiping, the endless dates, the texts that mysteriously drop off after the two-night stand, and just the general sense that you’ll never find the time to wade through the enormous reservoir of singletons in order to find The One can leave you with some serious dating fatigue.

We have teamed up with the dating blog The Single Society to give you a few tips on how to avoid being burned out by the dating scene in 2022.

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Limit Your Swipes

Swiping can become addicting so make sure you set some boundaries. Either swiped for 10 minutes before bed or limit yourself to 100 swipes/day to prevent it from consuming all your attention.

Have a Phone Call or Facetime Before Setting an In-Person Date

Going on one bad date after another can certainly burn you out. Try having a phone call first to make sure there aren’t any major red flags and see if you have had a good conversation before so you don’t waste your time and energy on someone who isn’t a fit.

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Try to Go to Different Places on Every Date

Bad dates are going to happen, but dating is a great way to get to know your city or town. Try to suggest new bars, restaurants, or any other activities/places you haven’t been to. Even when you DO experience a bad date you at least were able to check a new spot off your bucket list making it feel less like a total waste of time.

Don’t Push Too Hard to Meet Someone

If someone wants to make the effort, they will. Some people are inherently lazy and that is probably not a quality you want in a partner anyway. If someone has difficulty making a plan or committing to a date — just let it go. You shouldn’t have to put up a fight for the right person.

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Stop Going Out With the Intention of Meeting Someone

When you are out with your friends — be out with your friends. If you meet someone, great! But quit constantly looking over your shoulder at the ‘real estate.’ It gives off thirsty energy that people can smell from a mile away.

Work on Exuding Positivity

People are attracted to positive energy. Whether you give yourself five compliments out loud in the mirror every morning or work on having a ‘perma-smile’ instead of a resting bitch face, you will see a difference in how people are attracted to you — and not just in a dating sense!

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