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My Hoboken Home: Helping Hoboken + Jersey City Make the Most of Local Real Estate

by Ainsley Layland
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The real estate market in Hoboken and Jersey City can be an expensive whirlwind, with apartments and homes flying off the market as quickly as they are listed. Realtor Josh Royko is all too familiar with the complexities of the local real estate market, so in an effort to make the most of the buying and selling process, he launched MyHobokenHome.com in 2018. His client-centric business helps homeowners optimize their space before selling and helps them save on costs with a specialized rebate program. Keep reading to learn more about this real estate venture and the special event coming up next week.

“After buying, renovating, and selling a few homes in the area I realized that more than $100K had gone to real estate agent commissions. So I became a realtor and founded My Hoboken Home with the sole intent of helping others maximize their real estate investment through unrivaled service, unequaled commission structures, and huge buyer’s rebates,” Josh told Hoboken Girl. “I offer cutting-edge analytics, unrivaled marketing, and savings of $10K-$20K on the average purchase or sale in Hoboken and downtown Jersey City.”

Whether you’re looking to find your dream home, sell your current place for top dollar, or find the perfect investment property, Josh has the expertise and network of contractors, attorneys, and mortgage brokers to help your real estate dreams come true, and save a bundle in the process.

Josh’s Unique Commission Rates

When it comes to realtors, what sets Josh apart from others is the fact that he offers unprecedented commission rates, saving his clients a significant amount of money. He has a Master’s Degree from NYU in Real Estate Finance and Investment, which makes him a great partner for investors or investment-minded clients who are looking to make a wise investment, need comprehensive financial modeling, or investment cash-flow analysis.

“My competitive advantage is that I offer exceptional service {100% 5-star Zillow ratings} and the best deal around. For buyers, I rebate 50% of the commission, which averages $10,000+ cash back at closing. For sellers, I offer a 3.5% commission rate, or 2.5% if I represent the buyer as well, meaning the average seller saves $12,000 – $20,000 on commission when selling,” Josh commented.

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A Network That Literally Pays Off

Josh has access to a network of contractors who can assist clients in making updates to their homes, whether big or small, to make the most of every inch of space.

One client spent $7K in making updates to their kitchen and bathroom. They sold their apartment for nearly $100K more than their neighbor across the hall who had recently sold their identical unit. Check out the amazing kitchen transformation below!

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Not only did this client sell their property for nearly $100K more than their neighbor, but they also save $40K between the rebate and commission on the sale because they hired Josh.

A One-Man Show

Josh started My Hoboken Home two years ago and works as the sole proprietor to offer the best service and rates in town. In Josh’s opinion, the best part of running My Hoboken Home is helping people find their dream home and save a bundle in the process. On the flip side, he also helps homeowners sell their property with the aim of doing so for top dollar so his client can keep their hard-earned money. 

Special Event February 20th

A new listing will be available in an upcoming open house on Saturday, February 20th from 1PM- 4PM. The unit is an incredible 6th level penthouse with outdoor space, an awesome view of the city, parking, and a shared pool. Due to COVID-19, the open house at 71 Jefferson Street #5 in Hoboken is by appointment only. {See pictures of the unit below.}

Making Hoboken Your Home

The best part of his job is helping his clients get what they want, whether that’s in Hoboken or Jersey City, in part because of what the area has to offer. The fact that Hoboken is so incredibly walkable, there are great restaurants and bars to enjoy, parks and proximity to transportation make the area so convenient and easy to live in, according to Josh. And you can’t forget the best views of Manhattan from the waterfront.

“I get to help people find their dream home or reap the benefits of their investment when selling,” Josh mentioned. “My clients always tell me they wish they would have known about me when they bought or sold their last place.”

If you are interested in working with Josh, you can call 915-313-2720 or email him at [email protected]. For more information, check out myhobokenhome.com.

Don’t forget the upcoming open house on Saturday, February 20th from 1PM – 4PM for the apartment at 71 Jefferson Street. Due to COVID-19, the open house is by appointment only.

Josh Royko is a licensed Hoboken-based Real Estate Sales Agent with Elite Realtors of New Jersey located at 160 S. Livingston Avenue, Livingston, NJ.

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