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Tips to Keeping Your Little One Motivated While Homeschooling

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A new age of education is in full effect, with students across the country engaging in virtual school. Of course,  sometimes when the classroom and the living room share the same space, it can be difficult to keep your little one on track {and trust us, that couch looks tempting to us adults, too}. That’s why the team behind Mindful Power is here to share some helpful tips to keep your kids motivated for remote learning while at home.

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Utilize a Daily Visual Schedule 

This tool is simple, easy, and it works! Make sure the schedule is accessible and visually appealing, then refer back to it throughout the day. If you want to further encourage your child “buying in,” have them create the daily schedule themselves. This supports the child taking ownership of their own learning and adds a consistent start to their daily routine. Just be sure to check the schedule yourself before they begin their day.  Incorporating meal times and small rewards for hard work into the schedule can also be helpful. 

Timers Are Your Best Friend

Whether it be your phone, a watch, or an oven timer, these are valuable tools to help structure “work time” vs. “downtime.” It is easier for children to remain motivated and productive when there is an end in sight. For example, set a timer for the amount of minutes you would like your child to designate as “work time,” and then help them understand that when the timer is running, they should be trying their best to complete school assignments. If needed, you may take this method a step further by pausing the timer whenever your child needs a break and restarting the timer when your child resumes the assignment.  

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Remind Them the Future Can Still be Bright

Similar to when children are in the actual classroom, motivation is increased by having things to look forward to. Whether that be an assembly next month, a field trip the next week, or sitting with friends in the cafeteria the next period, reminders of exciting future events are helpful in keeping spirits lifted and motivation high. To do this at home, grab a poster board and create a daily visual reminder together. Find photos of your child spending time with friends and family, or participating in an activity they love. Encourage your child to continue adding things to this board as the weeks progress. Young children especially, live their lives in the “here and now.” While we cannot provide an exact time frame of when their favorite activities will resume, we can help them understand that virtual learning is not permanent.  

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Kids Listen, Just Not Always When We Want Them To

Try your best to save adult conversations related to COVID-19 for moments when children are unable to hear you. Similar to adults, when children are distracted by bigger worries, there can be an increase in motivation to overhear the adults, and a decrease in motivation to finish school projects. Answer their coronavirus related questions as best you can and then divert the conversation back to school assignments. 

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When You Work, They Work 

If you are a parent who is also working from home, try to create a time when you and your child are both “working.” Remind them about your job and then further explain that virtual school is “their job.” Modeling your own productivity at the computer may motivate your child to be productive as well.  When children see us “trying our best,” we are hopeful that they will try and do the same!

Which of these tips will you be using ASAP? Let us know in the comments!


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