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Thursday {3}: Third & Vine Wine Bar, Boob Glue, and Where to Buy Pool Floats in Hoboken

by Jennifer Tripucka
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It’s that time of the week…our editor’s Thursday 3! Here are the best of this week’s finds in Hoboken, Jersey City, and beyond. This week it’s all wine, boobs, and pool floats. The three are mutually exclusive, but don’t have to be. Here goes:

1. Third and Vine Wine Bar

third and vine wine bar

This wine bar is a diamond in the rough {well not really rough, more like the fun and buzzing Newark Avenue filled with shops, a pedestrian walkway, and restaurants…}. That being said, this wine bar is off-the-beaten path — 353 3rd Street to the left off Newark Ave. While they don’t serve dinner through and through {more like apps and small bites for the most part}, they do have delicious cheeses {so many varieties, it’s hard to count} and amazing wines — including one of the most coveted rosés in the world. It’s such a fun spot that doesn’t get crazy crowded — which is a nice break from the busy vibe of Hoboken wine bars on the weekends.

2. Boob Glue

bosom couture boob glue

Sorry Kim Kardashian, we don’t need your masking tape…we’ve found the holy grail of boob lifts…BOOB GLUE! Bosom Couture just came out with their new “roll-on” boob glue, and we’re kind of obsessed. Roll on for the ultimate life-changing glue {halter bras and strapless bras need not apply}. Your summer wardrobe has just expanded by tenfold. You’re welcome.

3. Pool Floats in Hoboken {And Where to Find Them}

pool floats hoboken

It’s just about summer, and that means water + sun + copious amounts of watermelon vodka and margs. But, to create that totally insta-worthy shot, you also need a pool float {pool optional, puppies not so much}. We’ve found some beauts at Dear Hannah boutique on Washington Street — flamingos, swans, pineapples — you name it, it’s probably in the form of a pool float. While you’re at it, check out our spring-to-summer style guide.


And because we’re just full of good news today…the best part? It’s almost Friiiiiday! 


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