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The FRINK App: A Free Drink a Day {Keeps the Fomo Away}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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We’d like to warmly introduce the newest addition to the Hoboken bar scene, Frink. Frink is a mobile app that allows local residents to get their first drink free at some of their favorite bars. Through a simple subscription, you can get a free drink each day at one of the participating establishments.


How it Works

Frink is a mobile app. Open the App Store or Google Play and search “Frink” to find the black and white icon. The app will ask you to sign up with some simple information about yourself before sending you on your way to your first drink. The application has a free trial period of 14 days, after which you will be charged $5 a month– which is still awesome since it pays itself off  if you use the app twice in a month {2 drinks = paid for itself!}. AND, if you share your sign up code {found under “SHARE” in the menu} with your friends, you both get an extension on your free trial period — a pretty sweet deal for two weeks or more of free drinks.


Where can you use this?

When you open the app it shows you a list of all the eligible places nearby places that you can redeem your first free drink at, including: the Ainsworth Hoboken, Lulu’s at the W Hotel, The Stewed Cow, Wicked Wolf, The Brass Rail, Little Town Social, and Green Rock. As of now, the app is strictly set up for Hoboken. The app also helps get you to the bar by telling you how far you are from each spot and gives you the option of getting directions.  Once you’ve made your bar stop choice, you click on the “Redeem Free Drink” button and a prompt pops up with a little image of a shot glass, which you then turn to your bartender to press and hold while the shot glass fills, symbolizing that you’ve redeemed your drink.


What can you get?

Although it is a free drink, that doesn’t mean anything on the menu is free game. Most drinks such as beer, wine and mixed drinks are more than acceptable orders {sadly no specialty drinks — ex: a Moscow Mule, but each establishment may differ}.


HG Thoughts

We tried out the app, specifically at Little Town Social.  We hadn’t been there in a while, but the incentive of a free drink definitely made the walk there worth it. The bartenders knew exactly what we were talking about when we brought up the app and were more than willing to tell us about our drink options. Small word of advice, make sure you actually subscribe to the app before you get to the bar. That way you aren’t sitting there inputting your credit card information into your phone before you can get your drink {rookie mistake}. Once you do sign up, the app keeps track of the places where you’ve used the app and tells you how much money you’ve saved, where our favorites are, and more.



The app was extremely easy to use, was no hassle and a ton of fun. It’s also a good conversation starter since it’s pretty new and other people around the bar want to know how to get in on the free drink secret. Free trial or not, it’s definitely worth keeping the $5 per month subscription fee if the Hoboken spots are your go-tos for happy-hour and nights out. Download ASAP here and get your Friday night started.  Cheers!



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