Here Comes More Ramen: Shokudo Japanese Ramen + Udon Coming to Hoboken

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Hoboken, it might be time to invest in some reusable chopsticks. The Mile Square is getting another ramen place, this time uptown, across the street from brunch-favorite restaurant City Bistro. Shokudo, a Japanese ramen and udon eatery from the Piscataway Township in New Jersey, recently established signage next to the Post Office on 14th Street. The Japanese restaurant is part of a new wave of modern cuisine and says on its website that its specialty is Japanese Noodle dishes. Read on to learn all about the new ramen spot, Shokudo Japanese Ramen + Udon, coming to uptown Hoboken.

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What to Expect at Shokudo

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At Shokudo, you’ll find tonkotsu broth, a special Japanese delicacy of broth made from simmered pork marrow or bone. NBD though — tonkotsu broth has a pretty rigorous prep and cook time, which makes it special and highly sought-after by extreme ramen-lovers. Bones for tonkotsu broth have to be boiled for anywhere from eight to 12 hours. Talk about putting tender care and lovin’ into food.

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The other fan-favorite broth at Shokudo is likely to be their shio or shoyu broth. Made with soy sauce and miso paste, mixed together to create a kind of miso broth, shoyu broth is held to the same standard at Shokudo as its tonkotsu broth. Both broths transcend the minimum of 12-hour simmering; tonkotsu and shoyu broth at Shokudo slow-boils for a minimum of 24 hours {please cue the mouth-watering}.

Beyond Ramen 

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Besides ramen, Shokudo serves classic Japanese fanfare including rice bowls, nabe udon, and traditional Japanese appetizers like shumai, spicy pork buns, deep-fried tofu, edamame, and chicken karaage.

While there’s no confirmation yet on the Shokudo official website {and since Shokduo doesn’t appear to have any social media yet}, we can’t be sure if the menu and hours will stay the same as the Piscataway location. But if the Piscataway location is any indication, it looks like the Hoboken Shokudo will available every Monday through Friday from 11:30AM-9:30PM, 12:00PM-10:00PM on Saturdays, and 12:00PM-9:00PM on Sundays.

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Ramen on Washington

Shokudo joins Muteki Ramen, the latest ramen spot to join Washington Street. Located at 533 Washington Street, Muteki isn’t open yet and the website appears to be still under construction. Plans for Muteki were approved back in 2017, but signage didn’t pop up until the last few weeks. It looks like Muteki will have an outdoor cafe area and will be next door to another new restaurant, Piki Poke — a Hawaiian poke bowl eatery just a few doors down from Makai Poké on Wash.

Hardly the only two ramen spots in town, Shokudoand Muteki will join several other notable Japanese eateries that specialize in ramen: South Street Fish + Ramen Co. {at 219 Washington Street}, Yeung II {at 1120 Washington Street}, and Vivi Bubble Tea {at 117 Washington Street}.

Oh, and not to mention, lovers of both pizza and ramen can also score a ramen slice at Tony Boloney’s over at 263 1st Street in Hoboken or 363 Grove Street in Jersey City. So, move over Italian cuisine capital. Hoboken officially has ALL. THE. RAMEN! 

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