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4 Must-Read Books for a September Book Binge — Found Locally

by Alexandra Maravic
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Although the summer might just about be over, the summer reading list doesn’t have to stop. September is a great time to pick up a book, as this time of year is known for its transitional weather {so think chillier, shorter evenings — perfect book reading time curled up with some wine or tea}. Thanks to the mastermind behind the Hoboken Booksta IG, we’ve rounded up four books to read this month, all found locally. Keep reading to discover four must-read books for a September book binge.  

Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane

rules for visiting

Genre: Literary Fiction

May Attaway, a university gardener, genuinely enjoys spending time with plants more than people. Her lack of meaningful relationships has never really bothered her, but at 40, she begins to realize that maybe something is missing from her life. When May finds herself with some unexpected time off from work, she feels inspired to make a change and reconnect with some old friends. One by one, she travels to each of her estranged friends’ respectable homes, where she learns to find and appreciate the beauty in the simple pleasures of daily life.

An endearing and heartwarming story about a middle-aged woman’s journey to finding friendship, unexpectedly discovering more about herself and love in the process.

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Gone Too Long by Lori Roy

gone too long

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Zap Fitness

Imogene Coulter is the daughter of a Klan leader, one of the most feared men in Simmonsville, Georgia. She has spent her whole life trying to separate herself from her family’s reputation and affiliations with one of those most despicable organizations in American history. When her father’s death forces her to come home and confront her demons {literally} face to face, Imogene quickly finds out that there was a lot she didn’t know about her father and his “business,” including the young child he apparently locked up in the basement of his secluded hideout in the woods. All Imogene knows is that she must do everything in her power to save that child and uncover the truth.

Seven years before, the sudden disappearance of a 10-year-old girl shocks the neighborhood of Simmonsville, the only clue left behind a Klan flyer on the front lawn. The little girl, Beth, has spent her whole life caring for her alcoholic mother, so she is no stranger to despair and misfortune. When she wakes up alone in the basement of a strange, abandoned house, she knows no one will come to her rescue—she can only save herself.

The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

night tiger

 Genre: Historical Fiction

In 1930s’ Malaysia. Ji Lin is a young, intelligent woman with ambitious dreams of a career in medicine. When the severity of her mother’s gambling debts threaten to dissolve her marriage, Ji Lin puts her dreams on hold in order to pay them off. Officially, she is employed as a dressmaker’s apprentice but the money she makes is hardly enough to be considered a living wage. Ji Lin is forced to find a second job as a dance hall girl, which she must keep a secret in order to protect her family’s reputation. When one of her dance partners leaves behind a human finger, Ji Lin is swept up in a crazy quest to reunite the finger with its rightful owner.

Ren, an 11- year-old houseboy, embarks on a rather unique adventure of his own. His former master left one request before he died: for Ren to track down the finger he lost so many years ago and bury it with the rest of his body. According to legend, if a body is buried incomplete, the deceased person’s soul will be condemned to roam the Earth for eternity.

The two narratives of Ji Lin and Ren flawlessly intertwine as they unknowingly embark on the same mission until their paths inevitably cross. Things start to get interesting when some dead bodies inexplicably turn up and rumors spread about men who turn into tigers after the sun has set and night has fallen. Elements of magic realism, ambition, forbidden love, and murder bind this beautifully written novel together—it is impossible not to be blown away.

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The Last Book Party by Karen Dukess

last book party

Genre: Coming of Age

As the sun sets on the summer, dive right into this poignant coming-of-age novel about an aspiring writer struggling to establish herself and find her voice. At 25, Eve Rosen is not necessarily where she thought she would be. Working as a glorified intern for next to nothing in New York City is shockingly not as exciting as it sounds.

Just when she doesn’t think she can take it anymore, she has the chance encounter of a lifetime. Somehow, she ends up at a party hosted by New Yorker legend, Henry Grey and his wife, at their Cape Cod summer house. Eve easily succumbs to Henry’s charm, drawn to the allure and notoriety associated with his name. She even quits her job to be his research assistant for the summer. When she finds herself invited to the infamous Book Party, she feels like she has finally earned a place in the Grey’s world. However, a complicated love triangle between Eve, Henry, and his son threatens to destroy everything.

The reader cannot help but cry with Eve, laugh with Eve, and grow with Eve as she navigates through the awkwardness and uncertainty of young adult life {something we can all relate to}.

Which of these books are you most looking forward to reading this month? Let us know in the comments!

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