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Go-Kart Racing in Jersey City: RPM Raceway Reopens

by Jean Lee
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The traffic in Jersey City can be enough to deter anyone from wanting to drive. But what if we told you there is a place just off Highway 78 where anyone can drive as fast as possible? RPM Raceway, located at 99 Caven Point Road in Jersey City, provides guests with a state-of-the-art go-kart experience. Visiting RPM Raceway is great for an afternoon with the kids, or a fun and different date night. There really is something for everyone, whether it’s go-kart racing or arcade games, it’ll make you want to keep coming back for more. Keep reading for more about recent upgrades to RPM Raceway, and what those who have a “need for speed” should expect when visiting.


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Riding the Track

Guests come in to sign waivers before taking on the European-style track reaching speeds up to 50 miles per hour (for those allowed to hit the top of the speedometer). Riders compete against 10 other racers for the fastest time. There are two tracks guests can try, including the flat track that junior racers (at least 4 feet tall and 6 years old) can drive on.

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Drivers are broken down into three categories: adult drivers (over 4 feet 10 inches and have a license), non-licensed drivers (same height but at least 13 years old), and junior racers. Regardless of age or driver status, there is a winning podium for top drivers. Customers pay per race — however, there is a membership that discounts rates, so consider if this option is best for you.


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Recently RPM Raceway opened a brand new MegaTrack is being called “one of the most technical and advanced kart tracks in the world,” created when the tracks are combined to create a 3,000-foot track. Available on Mondays (except for holidays), this route covers 3 vertical levels with twists and turns the whole way. If you are looking to ride the MegaTrack, make sure to give RPM a call or check the website to see when it’s operating.

The upgrades weren’t just about the track though, the go-karts have even been updated too. The electric carts are Italian-made with digital dashboards, paddle shifters, and “speed boost capabilities.”

Playing at the Arcade


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From the games to billiards, there is something for everyone to enjoy in between go-kart races, or just for a fun night (or afternoon). If racing the real tracks isn’t enough for customers, they can check out the racing simulator to try some of the most famous tracks in the world. For a slower roll, there are some pool tables to enjoy. The rest of the arcade includes more than 150 games from classics to new fan favorites. There is even a state-of-the-art virtual reality powered by the immersive Hologate Virtual Reality.

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Eating + Visiting


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While the cars need to be refueled, so do the riders! There is a snack bar complete with great options that are kid-friendly. Choose from burgers, pretzels, pizzas, salads, wings, and more. Exciting news that a bar and grill is set to open sometime in 2023.

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