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This Bayonne Brow Magician is Our Go-To for Eyebrow Shaping

by Gabrielle Buscema
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The Rhythm x Brows Studio in Bayonne was created by brow artist and beauty guru Christelle Rahman. The trendy studio is rooted in positive vibes, R&B music, and a unique menu of brow options including a creative henna service. Read on for more information on this Hudson County hidden gem. 

About Christelle 

Brows x Brows

Christelle, who is a licensed esthetician and lover of brow artistry, had no idea that Rhythm x Brows would turn into the full-blown business it is today. She got her start in the beauty world working in the corporate office of European Wax Center in Miami. When the brand decided to move offices out of state, Christelle took a leap of faith and moved to New Jersey for both love and a new creative opportunity. 

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She married her long-distance partner and started doing brows in her home in 2020 and her business has been blossoming ever since. The brow expert is excited to be in Bayonne and Hudson County, just like us, because of the central location and community here.

Vibes + Concept

Rhythm and Brows bayonne

Vepo Clean

Christelle tells Hoboken Girl that the music is arguably the most unique feature of her business. She says, “If you love 90s and early 2000s R&B music, then you’re in for a treat! When many of my clients hear a song that brings back old memories and they just start singing in the middle of their service.” Music is also what originally sparked her idea for the studio’s name. “I was in my car driving and when I looked at the radio instead of my mind reading “Rhythm & Blues” on the screen, it read “Rhythm x Brows.” I literally did a double-take and it all made sense, because the most exciting part of my service is my playlist.”

She characterizes herself as such an “energy person” and that translates to the good vibes at Rhythm x Brows. Christelle goes on to describe the vibes of the cute studio as a warm, inviting, cozy-chic space. The brow artist only takes one on one time with clients and it allows her to build relationships that wouldn’t be as close if it was a typical salon. Clients can choose to take a nap, chat and have “therapy,” or just listen to the great R&B tunes. 

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The Services


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A range of brow services is offered, from simple brow shaping to brow tinting, henna, and brow lamination. Brow lamination is Christelle’s favorite service to perform and the most popular service is henna. Henna stains both the skin and brow hairs giving the brows a nice, fuller look. 

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Christelle also offers facials, lash, and waxing services. Even our founder, @thejennifertrip cannot get enough of her skills. New services like, lash lifts, lash tinting, and more will be offered in the near future. Clients can also check out @bellskinskincare, a curated plant-based skincare system from Christelle herself. 

Follow @rhythmxbrows to book a service. 

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