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Rexer Gallery – Hoboken’s Newest Contemporary Art Gallery

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Art is commonly reflected on as a sign of the times, as a reference of historical, and cultural significance. Through art, we can learn so much; it provides common ground amongst people, inspiring untapped creativity and new perspectives to evolve. Recently, the Hudson County art scene just got a whole better thanks to Rexer Gallery, Hoboken’s newest contemporary art gallery located at 636 Washington Street.

rexer gallery hoboken

In case you were wondering, Rex means “King” in Latin and Rexer is a palindrome of that word, meaning “Two Kings”. The logo of Rexer Gallery shows the intersection of two crowns to represent the partnership. This is the perfect name for a gallery that was spearheaded by two leaders in the local art community, Aaron Boucher and Walter John Rodriguez.

“Rexer Gallery is the new home for local contemporary art. Our gallery’s mission is to celebrate the lives and careers of regional living artists as well as carefully selected national and international talent. We wish to introduce our collectors to an exclusive cultural experience and be a catalyst for the most exciting artistic events and developments in the area,” the mission statement from the gallery reads.

The inaugural exhibition was held on Thursday, September 3rd, at 7:00PM and featured local talent. The exhibition is titled “September Invitational Exhibit / 2020” and showcased recent works by Aaron Boucher, Roy Kinzer, Nora Murphy, Raisa Nosova, Walter John Rodriguez, Bruce Stiglich, and Rob Ventura.

About The Founders

aaron boucher rexer gallery hoboken

Aaron Boucher, the co-founder, and curator of Field Colony is a multidisciplinary, conceptual, and figurative artist who focuses on paper, canvas, and sculpture. Through his expertise and experience, he has cultivated a wealth of knowledge about the industry as well as the local art community. Visitors to the gallery can take private classes for painting, live drawing, 3D modeling/sketch up, Adobe Illustrator, wax on, marbling/suminagashi, Adobe Photoshop, and film. To follow Field Colony’s latest projects, follow the gallery on Instagram or check out the website.

walter rodriguez rexer gallery hoboken

Walter John Rodriguez is an artist who has been honing his craft from a young age. Walter graduated in 2002 with a B.F.A. degree in Illustration from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Currently, he is producing a series titled “Cold Front” of realistic figure portraits that attempt to present a psychological portrait without showing faces. Most recently, Walter collaborated with “Inter Miami CF”, Miami’s professional soccer team owned by David Beckham. He also collaborated with Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center to support the city’s production of “Hamilton” the play and participated in high profile art fairs such as Art New York/Context, Red Dot in Miami, and Superfine in LA. Locally, Walter has with Mana Contemporary and Prime Gallery in Jersey City. For more details on Walter’s upcoming projects, follow him on Instagram or his website.

“I have curatorial experience from having organized annual art shows for hundreds of talented students over 14 years through my experience as a teacher. I also spearheaded the initiative to organize and conduct art exhibits turning people’s homes into art galleries as a board member with the WPA {Washington Park Association} in Jersey City,” Walter shared.

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How Rexer Gallery Came About

Rexer Gallery was born from an epic artistic duo, Aaron Boucher of Field Colony, and Walter John Rodriguez, a well-seasoned artist.

“Fortunately, Aaron and I met shortly after he had opened Field Colony. One day I saw the Instagram notification indicating Field Colony was following me, I proceeded to look on his page, noticed there was an event and I went. We were happy to meet each other. Since then, our relationship has grown through many collaborations and it recently decided to form a business partnership,” Walter told Hoboken Girl.

rexer gallery hoboken

Aaron, who is a staple in the local arts community, explains what inspired him to open a second gallery in town. “It was the culmination of several chance moments. I originally was granted permission from the building owners to install artwork in the windows as part of our HBKN Art Tour initiative. After a chance showing the two-floor venue and private outdoor space, I immediately saw the potential for what this location could be, an art gallery, and event space,” he shared with us. “I invited Walter to hang his work in the storefront, and when he first visited, we walked the space and I shared my vision. Shortly after, we decided to partner together and began formalizing how we would transform this into reality.”

The two agreed that Hoboken, with the guidance and vision of its artists, has the potential to become a cornerstone for the arts in New Jersey.

Rexer Gallery is different from Field Colony and unique on its own because, at Field Colony, Aaron focused on creating a working and teaching environment within an art gallery. At Rexer they are focusing on art exhibits while offering the space for the inclusion of private gatherings and events to actively engage our guests and collectors.

The Art

rexer gallery art hoboken

^ “Surrealismo en El Barrio El Pinar” By Jenny Brover via @rexergallery

Viewers should expect to see the latest work by exciting contemporary artists. “We will show artists with dominant skills in all genres of contemporary art. Some of our artists are figurative painters, some are abstract sculptors, some come from an academic background while others have built careers doing graffiti and street art,” Aaron explains.

Arguably the most exciting part about the gallery is that Aaron and Walter are primarily interested in shaping the career path of local artists. Viewers can expect to see art that exemplifies the aesthetic and cultural trends that are happening right now all across the country and the world, as Aaron puts it.

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The Experience

rexer gallery hoboken

Rexer is a two-level gallery with the main showroom for large works and headlining exhibitions at street level with Washington Street. The lower level will serve as a gallery store where they will exhibit smaller more affordable works by their gallery artists. The front display windows are extensions of the indoor space where viewers are surrounded by works from the current exhibition as they enter the gallery.

“We also feature an elegant outdoor space that can be reserved for private events. This large space meets all conditions providing for comfortable intimate casual gatherings and conversation. Our guests will also enjoy an exclusive opportunity to view a prominent mural by one of our gallery artists, Jonathan Joubert to complete the experience,” Aaron continued.

Rexer Gallery will quickly leave its mark not only in the Mile Square but the local art community as a whole. From cutting-edge and thought-provoking works to a one-of-a-kind event space for any celebration, Rexer Gallery is coming in hot and should be on every art-lovers’ radar. “We welcome you to stop by when you are in the neighborhood and view the art on display and to see for yourself what a unique and beautiful space we are offering for your next event,” said Aaron and Walter.


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