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Retail Therapy: A Money Expert Explains Why We Should Kick The Habit

by Hoboken Girl Team
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We all channel our inner Ariana Grande “7 Rings” vibes from time to time {the video is pretty epic}. Indulging in a little retail therapy can be fun, but sometimes, impulse shopping can rack up a big fat credit card bill that we weren’t expecting. Luckily, Ashley Feinstein of The Fiscal Femme is here to explain just why we shouldn’t swipe our cards so fast. Keep reading to find out why we should kick the bad habit of indulging in retail therapy from a money expert.

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Why Buying Things Doesn’t Make Us Happy {For Long}

Okay, yes. For any of us who have purchased something and experienced a quick high, we know that retail therapy can work in the short-term. It can be a distraction or even a nice chance to imagine ourselves wearing or using the item we just purchased. That feels good.

What happens next provokes a vicious cycle. We may experience buyer’s remorse, stress about our new higher credit card balance, or feel deflated and guilty for failing to curb our impulses. We may already be looking for that next thing we want to buy.

In many cases, these things we buy are at the expense of what we actually want. Our dream to go on vacation or get a handle on our credit card debt are derailed by these impulse buys.

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What To Do About It

We have a lot working against us when it comes to our money. Notably, billion-dollar marketing budgets prey on our insecurities and tell us that purchasing certain things will make us feel fulfilled and happy. Here are some tips + tricks to help avoid falling victim to that mindset.

Hit Unsubscribe

The trick is to unsubscribe to the thought process. We can make our lives so much easier by reducing our exposure to these ads by:

  • Unsubscribing to marketing emails.
  • Stop walking through stores for fun {we always end up “needing” something we didn’t know existed five minutes ago}.
  • Delete shopping apps from your phone.

Implement the 48-Hour Rule

This is a simple and effective way to avoid emotional spending. Before purchasing any item, wait 48 hours. Ask yourself if you need the item and if it’s worth it to you. The 48-hour rule will help you make more mindful spending decisions and reduce the likelihood of buyer’s remorse. If you still want the item after 48 hours you can have it, but you’ll often find that it’s not worth the trip back to the store.

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Think About How You Will Feel After You Buy It

This can be done with food too. Think past the moment at the register or the delicious bite — if you’ll feel sick later, if you’ll regret it, will it derail your goals, and will it get you what you actually want. Asking yourself these few questions could help you make a smarter shopping choice.

If you’re looking for more tips, check Ashely’s fun + helpful video, “Sa-Vings,” below.

Do you have any tips that can help with impulse shopping? Let us know! 

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